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Pattern Reading: Receiver Number System

May 17th, 2011 | by Shopmaster

Before we start breaking down Madden 12 Tips on how pattern reading works against route combos and passing concepts that are found in Madden, we want explain how the defense knows how to identify receivers. Please keep in mind, this is based on real football and may not be the same as Madden NFL 12. Continue reading

Madden NFL 12: Pattern Reading 101

May 16th, 2011 | by Shopmaster

Every since Madden came out on the Sega back in 1992 the same zone coverage concept has been used. For the most part Spot Dropping has been adequate for the zone defenses used in Madden.  However in Madden NFL 11, this type of zone coverage logic to be frank, was very easy to beat for most Madden players by either throwing in the flats or underneath. In Madden NFL 12, that is all going to change as the EA Sports Tiburon team has added a new zone coverage concept logic called Pattern Reading. Continue reading

SB Bunch Passing Attack

May 12th, 2011 | by Shopmaster

Today, Sportsgamerz is stopping by My Madden Pad to help improve your offensive game! In this Madden 11 Tip, SportsGamerz will show you the SB Bunch and how the reads and passing progression work for each setup! Continue reading

NCAA Football Free Tips: Shotgun Flanker Close Z Shallow Cross

April 10th, 2011 | by Shopmaster

In this NCAA Football Tips breakdown, we take a look at a passing concept that Run n Shoot offenses like to run called Gun Flanker Close Shallow Z Cross. I am always looking for plays to beat bump-n-run man coverage .If you don’t practice these types of plays, chances are your passing game is going to struggle. A play I found out of the SMU playbook is called Gun Flanker Close Z Shallow Cross Continue reading

Free Madden Tips – Nickel Odd Split Thunder Green

April 7th, 2011 | by Shopmaster

Although the Nickel Odd Split can only be found in the Ravens playbook, it should not be overlooked because it is packed with man and zone blitz schemes. For this free Madden Tips write up we take a look at one of those Madden man nano blitz schemes, which is the Thunder Green. Ravens As you can see this is a Cover 0 defense that sends 6 pass rushers after the quarterback. Continue reading

MadDen 11 TV – Show #108 New York Giants Depth Chart

April 1st, 2011 | by Shopmaster

MadDen 11 TV - Show #108 New York Giants Depth Chart Madden 11 daily show hosted by Sgibs of Madden Bible. Player vs Player breakdowns, Mailbags, Tips, and much more! In this breakdown we take a look at how to BEST utilize the New York Football Giants offensive and defensive depth charts! From: MaddenBible Views: 5 1 ratings Time: 03:38 More in Gaming Continue reading

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