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 Guys, you don’t have to search YouTube for the latest glitches or that blitz that sends someone in free while only rushing 1 player.

“You Don’t Have To Cheat To Compete!” – Shopmaster


Let me tell you about a guide that is suited for the SIM Gamer, a guide that teaches you a solid foundation for your defense to get stops in Madden NFL 13 and help you win games overall.   This guide doesn’t contain any nanos or teach you how to make 10+ changes before the snap of the ball.  This guide teaches you how to adjust to your opponent, put pressure on your opponent from different fronts and uses the “5 Sets For Success” to manage any situation. I have used some of the concepts in this guide and can attest to how solid the information and strategies are.  This is great for beginners and the vet who is having trouble on the defensive side of the ball.

Buy Madden NFL 13 Starter Guide- Defense Now!


Calling All My SIM Players!

Are you in a SIM League? This guide was made for guys like you.  I’ve been involved in SIM Leagues for over 10 years so I know all about how you are supposed to play, and what’s frowned upon.  You won’t see 50 hot routes on defense or the moving of guys from one side of the screen to the other side.  This guide will teach you how to use overload blitzes to confuse your opponent on what side you are going to bring pressure from. 


  THE BEST PLAYS: Breakdown of 15-20 of the best defensive plays are highlighted so you can easily march down the field. It also highlights recommended teams, depth charts, and suggested audible sets.

  GAME CHANGER: Authors ZFarls and SGibs are trusted contributors to the EA SPORTS Game Changer community program and are dedicated to helping you WIN in Madden NFL 13. They’ve spent months playing, analyzing, and breaking down Madden NFL 13 prior to its release. Let their expertise be your foundation.

  EASY TO LEARN: Video breakdowns of each play with voiceover and text from tournament champions ZFarls and SGibs, turn every play into a valuable lesson that is easy to understand and even easier to execute.


 What are you waiting for?

Buy Madden NFL 13 Starter Guide- Defense

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