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New Commissioner Control for Confidence in Madden 16 CFM

We all know how hard it was in Madden NFL 15 CFM when your team’s confidence was lost and almost everyone on your team was regulated to 0 confidence with no way to get out.  Well EA has just confirmed that the League’s Commissioner can reset any teams confidence back up to 50.

“The commissioner can boost all players on a given team to 50 at any point in time. It’s not limited to the preseason. Players with conf above 50 keep their current value. It’s like the other commish commands such as clearing cap penalties.”  – EA SPORTS

This is great news for commissioners but even players who come into a league where they take over a team who’s confidence is in the crapper thanks to old owners.  The other good news is this is not just regulated to the pre-season.  Maybe one idea commissioners can use is when a team goes on bye, that the commissioner uses this tool for your team.

No matter ow it’s used it’s a great tool to have.  There still is the possibility that an owner can do something in the pre-season to get his teams’ confidence up but it’s yet determined how that is possible.  In the Deep Dive CFM Blog EA put out there was this:

“A new Game Prep activity has been added to the preseason, which allows teams to improve their low confidence before the season begins. We’ve also increased the amount of time each team has in Game Prep every week.”

I’ll keep you updated on this and let you know when I get more information.

Comment below on how you think commissioners should use this new tool.

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