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Published on July 21st, 2014 | by Shopmaster


Madden 15 Introduces Bluff Blitz and Max Protect

Today EA SPORTS continues it’s release of Madden 15 with a Deep Dive Blog about War In The Trenches 2.0.  In the previous War in the Trenches video and blog it only touched on a little of what was done and now this deeper look into this features explains two features I’m really excited about.


With the addition of the delay audible where you can’t just spam hot routes all over the place without a delay it’s imperative in my opinion that you get to the line and make sure you have enough time to make your adjustments.  One of the adjustments I always seem to make is keeping someone in to block when I think the other team is coming with some heat.  In the real NFL QBs usually just have one call that they make to make sure they have “Max Protection” and now in Madden 15, you will have to make just 1 call as well.

Finally, on the offensive side of the ball, we added a new pre-play adjustment called max protection, which forces your TE and RB to abort their routes and stay in to block. This can be a very effective tool against players that like to blitz a lot.

I like this especially if time is running down on the play clock and you see safeties creeping up into the box.  Call Max Protect and then hike the ball and take advantage of the time you have against the blitz.

The other new feature I like is the “Bluff Blitz” with the LBs bluffing that they are going to rush and then drop back into a yellow zone.  This is going to very effective when you start blitzing and you want to catch them in a position where they think you are abandoning an area with that LB, only to find him sitting underneath that slant route over the middle.  The linebacker actually takes a step or two toward the LOS and then drops back.

We also have a new bluff blitz pre-play adjustment that allows LB’s to show blitz after the snap, but then quickly drop back into coverage. It is a devastating tool against players that like to throw short over the middle routes.

These two features work very well in my opinion and it will be very interesting to see how they are used in the scheme of your offense and defense.

Here are some other features they talked about in this blog:

– Rushing the passer is a whole new experience in Madden 15. Gone are the days of spamming the right stick and hoping to beat the block.

– Successfully timing your jump on the snap count gives your defender an advantage over the blocker, but mistiming the snap can result in an encroachment penalty or getting pancaked.

– On lower difficulty levels, you will see on-screen feedback saying whether your timing was early, late or perfect. Look out for this, because the AI QB’s now vary up the snap count. As a result, players will see more offsides and encroachments penalties in Madden NFL 15.

– Once engaged, pass rush moves can now be performed with A (finesse move) or X (power move). The new player ring gives clear visual feedback as to when to perform the move, and which action is best suited for the currently selected defender.

– The moves range from rips, swims, push pulls, bull rushes, speed rushes, counter moves, clubs to everything in between. You can also steer a blocker using the left stick to hold gaps, clog up running lanes and get opposing linemen off balance to set them up for a move.

What do you think about these two new features and the other things discussed in the new EA SPORTS Madden 15 blog?

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