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Published on June 18th, 2014 | by Shopmaster


Take Advantage of Mis-Matches with the Matchup Stick in Madden 15

As we know in the NFL sometimes there are matchup problems on the field at any given time and in most cases the offense takes advantages of these mismatches.  Whether it’s Jimmy Graham matched up with a LB that is too slow or Megatron matched up with a smaller DB they are present on the field and now in Madden NFL 15 EA shows you where those matchups are.

Here is a video explaining the Matchup Stick as well as an interview I did with Senior Producer of Madden 15, Seann Graddy.

Here are the screenshots from the video:














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About the Author

Shopmaster is a die-hard hardcore Madden Player. He also serves an EA SPORTS Game Changer that provides the community with help and information regarding Madden.

  • Fuck aids in madden

    More aids for the bums. First ballhawk, autostrafe, heatseeker, now this cone shit, data picking plays bs, and last but not least a cartoon looking “matchup stick” Here’s a thought… remember when you had to do every last thing I mentioned manually? When you had to know football and matchups. Why don’t we all just put our controllers down and let the game play itself? Sadly Shopmaster you promote and endorse this crap year after year as EA pimps you and all the other “gamechangers” as shown by yalls individual agenda’s that include bolstering your websites and youtube channels. How about you stop trying to make your self a youtube sensation actually fight for us madden heads like you’ve claimed to do for years now. You fucks don’t do anything but go test their shit, kiss their ass with corny interviews that don’t include REAL questions that need to be asked, instead you just float softball questions while constantly reminded the viewer to “hitstick that like button” FUCK YOUR CHANNEL, FUCK YOUR AGENDA, AND FUCK YOU AND ALL THE GAME CHANGERS FOR ENDORSING A PRODUCT THAT YOU KNOW DOESN’T MAKE PROGRESS FROM YEAR TO YEAR. Now go continue on being EA’s bitches while madden heads like you and me laugh at the fact that we actually looked at you as someone who wanted to make a difference. Now go get your 100,000,000,000 followers so you can reach the goals your really set out to accomplish. It’s not about the game with you, it’s about making your social media platforms more popular. Sad and pathetic.

    • Kenny M.

      Bro fuck you. This man hasn’t done anything to you its a fuckin video game. Get up off your ass and go outside and play football if you want real football. The shit you said to another grown man was straight disrespectful. As an adult you could have expressed your opinions in a more respectful manner.

    • Shopmaster

      I will say this … don’t be anonymous. Be a man and show your face, put your name out there. I’m not trying to make myself a youtube sensation lol, just trying to provide information to the masses. You have to go where the people are and that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m super passionate about this Madden Community. I do a weekly podcast and couldn’t care if only 1 person listens, I do it cause I care. I have no agenda except for giving out information to the people that are looking for it. I’ve been doing this for over 10 years. Name someone that has been doing it longer? I do this cause I love this game and this community. This thing doesn’t make me money, I have a 6 figure income that doesn’t include Madden. I fight for the Madden Community all the time, go ask the people at EA. Go ask them how pissed off I am about Online Communities, go ask them how I have sent multiple emails to higher up saying certain things need to change and I’ve seen those changes. I’m sorry if you don’t see the game getting better but I do and it’s because of guys like me that it’s getting better.

      I’m with you, I don’t want the aids but what you fail to understand is that we, the hardcore Madden gamer; is the minority. We make up less than 10% of the people that actually buy Madden, so it’s not all about us and the “EA Suits” are not just going to cater a game strictly to 10% of their consumer base and any good common sense business person would agree with that. We have to fight for better gameplay and not so much worry about what they are doing for the casual fan cause they are going to do that no matter how hard we fight them. But do know this … I fight every day for this Madden Community.

      I respect your opinion if that’s how you feel and feel free to unfollow me, delete me from all of your social media accounts, and never watch any of my videos again. Thing is, I’m still gonna grind for this community. I’m still going to put out videos, opinion pieces, and give out information. Cause you don’t just stop grinding cause certain people don’t like what you are doing, you continue to grind because there is at least 1 person that you don’t even know about, that doesn’t post, or like your stuff … that loves what you do!

      Now go ahead and “Hitstick that Unsubscribe Button” if you want and I will win you back down the road. lol.

      • Mike Clark from PG County

        10 years huh? 10 years yet the game has gotten progressively worse every year… so is that something you wanna brag about? I’m gonna reply to the core things that you contradicted yourself on and not get into a pointless sparring match. We are the minority (10%) as you say… i agree. So what are you “fighting” for? How is the minority who’s gonna by the game regardless gonna sit there and say you fight?? Fight for what exactly? We the 10% have no say into changes as you, I, and most importantly EA knows so you obviously realize that you basically ain’t doing shit but getting free trips down to Florida just to play something we the minority(in your words not mine) have no actual control over. You couldn’t have said it better yourself which is my problem, all you gamechangers don’t do shit and you saying how we(the minority) can’t do shit just contradicts everything you said. Next, I don’t follow shit. Twitter,youtube, or any of that shit. You know why? Cause that shit don’t matter to improving the game. Not to mention REAL CORE QUESTIONING videos from guys like RyanMoody are the only ones I care about. You spend 5 minutes watching an intelligent video of his breakdowns and it kind of makes guys like yourself non relevant. I don’t follow social media crap of you or the next EA dickrider who post’s videos of lame, non objective, softball questions towards the dev team while real core questions go unanswered as the only people with access to these guys to ask those questions are too busy kisses ass, taking trips to Florida, or going to E3 . You say you don’t like aids, right? Funny cause yet you put time into making videos promoting them all over your shit. Not one video did I see you express what you’ve said to me about your dislike about them… hmmmm… that’s odd… maybe doing that won’t increase your page views. Maybe you tell individual complaints like myself one thing but DO NOTHING IN YOUR VIDEOS TO INDICATE YOU FEEL THE WAY YOU TOLD ME. Maybe just can’t see how stupid you sound dissing the same things you break down for the casual players (kids), but then turn around and act like you doing ANYTHING for us madden heads. I’m not mad at you man… you just falling in line and getting gray faced “followers” who don’t give a shit about core issues but will fight to the death for a Kaepernick tattoo. That’s just you. Question though, you making bread off them? No. You caking off of getting twitter support? No. So what I see is a guy who want’s to play the role of the guy fighting for the madden head but yet just falls in line with the rest of the almighty “game changers”. When has one of your videos breaking down the aids (that both of us admittedly hate) ever benefited the hardcore guys you speak of? Player matchup is a madden head trait where knowing football benefits you, yet this aid “Matchup stick” that goes against the value you make a video about for the kiddos to see. How does that not contradict you saying what you do is about us and not them? Last thing I’ll say and let me first say this part has NOTHING to do with my madden feelings or anything else but 100% real talk. Let me also emphasize first I am not that internet thug type dude nothing and this no threat at all just my real feelings toward the whole “show your face comment”. Names ain’t shit on the web cause we all just gray faces up here, that’s the internet world. But check this I saw you say in one video you around the dmv. In the real world my name is Mike Clark, I’m in PG county not on your website, not sure what your real name is but man if you EVER wanna see my face just let me know. I say that directly to you and not shopmaster who whoever virtual world name you wanna live under up here. No man tells another man to “show his face” on a platform in which you literally can’t SHOW YOUR FACE. And may I say a avatar or some profile pic ain’t “showing your face” Translation… internet toughness ain’t shit homes. In one of your videos I heard you say you in the the DMV. Swear to god it ain’t that serious though man, but you to old be making dry threats over the web. If you wanna see my face though you ain’t nothing but a drive away. Don’t ever tell someone to show their face on the internet, it’s weak and literally can’t be done.

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