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Published on June 10th, 2014 | by Shopmaster


Madden 15 Presentation, Broadcast Team, and Halftime Info

Yesterday I touched on how the Defense has been improved in Madden 15 before E3 and today before I head out the door to finally get my hands on the game I want to talk about presentation.

Presentation includes everything from the broadcast team, to coin toss, to pre-game, halftime, banners, stat overlays, etc … so there is some significant changes I want to talk about.  EA has put out their blog about Presentation that you can see here.

I’m not going to talk about the new jumbotrons, just know they are in there but let’s focus on the broadcast team because there are many people who feel the team of Phil Sims and Jim Nantz could be better; and I have to agree.  EA told me that they worked with Jim Nantz to sound more like he sounds on Saturday instead of sounding like he is acting.  They played for us both versions of the same line and the new one does sound more authentic and I think you’ll hear it throughout the broadcast when you play Madden 15.  As far as Nantz, you’ll definitely hear him say way more names than he has in next gen.  Not sure what the number is but it’s very noticeable and probably a 50-60% increase in the amount of names.

Right from the beginning the game is going to feel totally different because of presentation. The pre-game is much shorter, more authentic, no dead air, there is visual variety for everything you are hearing. You finally feel like the UI, the commentary team of Sims and Nantz, and the camera team are all in sync. That’s something that felt a little off last year during the pre-game introductions.

You get the feel that you are coming from one game to this primetime event. Again EA reached out to a local newscaster Larry Ridley who introduces the game and sends it to Jim and Phil.

Last year it was 3 minutes before kick-off this year it’s tighter and you don’t lose any storylines and it’s only 1 and half minutes until you get to kick-off.

Removed coin-toss from pre-game. You can set your strategy before the game, if you like to receive or defer.

The kick-off will vary with the multiple camera angles they shot this year including a running camera that looks pretty cool and is low to the ground.

All new on the field cameras let you go from Zoom, Standard, Wide, Coordinator Cam, all the way to broadcast mode before the snap of the ball by using the D-pad. Hopefully this is the first step toward custom camera as was stated to me at a community event.

New Down and Distance on the field.

More data displayed via new banners.

Emerging stories during the game that commentators will talk about. So if Percy Harvin is having a great game with 2 kick–off returns for a TD Jim and Phil will talk about it and they will highlight and go back to those replays. So telling emerging stories with replays adds to the presentation.


EA SPORTS Halftime Show w/ Larry Ridley

Larry talks and shows highlights of the first half by linking plays that tells how the score has been reflected. It’s more than just two clips. They also show some player stats at the bottom of the screen as well.  Hope to get a video of this for you guys later today.

Crowd has more highs and lows than ever before. Big plays feel like big plays from the crowd.

New camera angles will make the game more alive as they will be closer to the action in some circumstances and at an angle that you haven’t seen before in Madden creating some big moments.

Player Animations have received a boost. You’ll see guys act smarter after the play. You’ll see more celebrations and no more singling out a player where he scores and there are people around but when he celebrates, he’s by himself. This year the celebration will be on the field and not go to a cut scene with just him in the scene. Epic celebrations will happen on the field, no more players shutting down when a guy goes into the endzone. Teammates will come celebrate with you when you go into the endzone.


Crowd now has more logic. There is a long list of things. For example when you throw a deep bomb the crowd will start to stand up and explode when the catch is made.

So that’s going to do it until I get my hands on the game today and will have some initial impressions tonight on that starts at 9pm est.

Talk to you later tonight!

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