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New Madden 15 Official Trailer | Let’s Focus for a Minute!

Today, EA SPORTS released the first Official Trailer for Madden 15 check it out above.

Let’s just first take a minute to focus here for a bit before you leave this page.  This is a trailer and like I stated, who knows if this is how the player models will look like in Madden 15 when it releases for your console on PS4 and XBOX One.  Let’s take this trailer for what it is.

1. It’s great to finally here something about Madden 15, even if it’s just a trailer to tell us when the real news will be revealed which will be in June.  I’m guessing they mean during E3, so that means June 9th when they will have a press event.  Yours truly will be in attendance at the EA Presser and at EA so make sure you continue to follow me.

2. I don’t take likely the picking of Luke Kuechly being the first athlete that they showed.  I’m hoping …. okay at this point I’m praying that this means the game will focus more on defense, but like we saw last year with Ray Lewis being in the opening video, this doesn’t mean anything.  But I can still hope right?

3. The game ships and is released on August 26th.

So before you board the hype train for Madden 15, let’s just keep things in perspective.  There are some big things that needed improving and our focus should to keep looking for those things to be improved upon and not get blinded by the shiny new trailer.

What do you think, post your comments below.

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About the Author

Shopmaster is a die-hard hardcore Madden Player. He also serves an EA SPORTS Game Changer that provides the community with help and information regarding Madden.

  • P.T.

    here is what i think , i dont give a crap about how the player models will look when only in the highlight reels after the game and only if i zoom in on them . The ONLY way the look of the player model will EVER matter that much , is if we can actually get a good ON THE FIELD CAMERA ANGLE for use during games. Then the player model may matter some. However as we have seen like last year, they showed AP all up close n personal, but you never see anything close to that definition in the gameplay itself.So really to me this is totally pointless to focus on , unless we are getting a good on the field camera. There are still lots that needs fixing on the AI end of the game. More options ( like letting us set up cb-wr match ups , etc ) we need added much more important than this type of thing. I have read there will be a ” a revolutionary crowd-sourced play-calling system with three distinct ways to run offense and defense coach suggestions, Madden community picks, and concept plays providing a strategic edge to take on all rivals.” (via – however to me that is nothing more than a new “ask madden” style to help people who know nothing about football to call plays. Again , nothing thats been being asked for. I really REALLY hope EA has alot instore for us . But at this point im not so sure they really get it.

    • Shopmaster

      All awesome points and very valid. Let me ask you something P.T., if they had a zoomed in camera that showed the detail would it be something you’d like cause it’s not that the player models are not detailed but like you said, so far away you don’t even notice the difference between nextgen and current gen.

      I’m also one of those guys who could care less about how the game looks and cares more about how it plays. Being able to set up DB-WR matchups is big and I feel it;s one of the most talked about things that is not in Madden that people want.

      Again, this is just a trailer and some words and things promised but nothing specific. Let’s wait until June and see some videos where we can see specific things that translate to better gameplay.

      • P.T.

        yeah Shop , its kinda double edge sword here. i mean ,”IF” they gave a good on the field camera , the details in the players would matter more and be very very cool then, however that only counts if the gameplay has been improved on top of that.Basically without better AI , player movements and interactions , good audibles ( that work) , and more options for us ( like the cb-wr match ups along with other things they need to add in ) the graphics really wont make up for the lack of those things, even if they made the graphics so good that i could taste the sweat rolling off their foreheads. I know this is just a “teaser trailer”, however i was always told , ” you only get 1 chance to make a first impression” , this gives me the impression they focusing too much on graphics and not enough on what we really want , better gameplay , more options . etc. I hope we hear good stuff to come, i think this years cover vote is a waste of time, we all know #25 sherman is winning it, just go ahead put him on there, and lets get into some info! I have been dying for a good “on the field” camera angle to play madden since the co-op on madden 10 camera angle. Sure it needed to be tweeked, but man i felt like i was on a real nfl field playing in a real nfl game ,alot more than the typical madden view. I play madde 25 in zoomed view now, cause its as close as i can get to the field, but even it blows in my opinion. still way to far away, i want to feel like im on the field seeing the crowd, stadium, sideline peps , and players up close.Also , to test ones true football skill and knowledge, ive always felt the only way to truely do that is to play thru the view real players have in the nfl: qbs, hbs, lbs, des, cbs safties.Then you can really test ur real football skill and knowledge, to me the normal madden view is sorta a cheating view. wouldnt all qbs in nfl love that view ? i mean come on man! hahahaha. ok i think im done for now .:) i look forward to what info lies ahead, i hope its good news for the madden community.

        • Shopmaster

          There is no way that they could show gameplay this early, it wouldn’t look good and people will just complain. It’s a double edge sword for EA as well. They want to give you something, but at this point there is only but so much they can show you and you know we will dissect every little bit of video they show. I mean we are dissecting this video and making presumptions right now because of what they didn’t show … lol.

  • Tana

    All in all, us a football fans and consumers will not be duped into buying the same tired ass game rewrapped in fresher plastic with an alternate cover athlete and updated year. The gaul of EA Sports. I haven’t spent money on a Madden title in about 4 years, play a few games, find that I’m missing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! I thought if we saw it on sunday we’d see it in Madden. Don’t know about you guys but I only need to be lied to once by a business before i decide to keep my money to myself.

  • Tana

    Nothing will change about this game, so it must be killed. Stop feeding it!!!! Take the complaints off the web and into real time. QUIT BUYING SHIT YOU DON’T LIKE!!! Bankrupt these people, WE DON’T HAVE TO KEEP BUYING THIS PRODUCT!! True story: Like I’ve stated, I have not purchased a madden title since Madden 10. I caught the football bug and offered to trade a friend NBA 2K14 for his Madden…I did not even notice i was playing Madden 25 until I actually took a second look at the disc (he’d given me the game in another case, not the original) I thought it was madden 14…It’s the same damn game year after year. This company does not care about their consumers OR the product they put out. That or they are absolutely trash at what they do and just need to develop different types of games. NBA Live’s a GD joke and a half and has been since about 2004. Just quit feeding the virus, and watch it clear up. Save your money until YOU the consumer see and get what you want out of the game, and then invest. Would you buy a shit covered burger and eat it if you didn’t have to? Madden is that poo covered burger….smelly…gross

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