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Defending the Read Option [4wardProgressMadden]

In today’s Madden 25 Community Tip we take a look at a video from fellow EA SPORTS Game Changer Zan on how to stop the Read Option.  We know that this year, the read option is a very powerful set of plays in Madden 25 and any help we can get to slow the read option down is extremely useful.  There have been many techniques to slow down the read option such as just blitzing everyone or committing to the QB always and taking the RB.  Zan gives you some more ideas that may help you out and give you more options.



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  • Light up the Scoreboard in the Red Zone
  • Bone Crushing Blitzes
  • Blanket Max Coverage
  • Lock Down 4th Coverage
  • Brick Wall Defense
  • How to Stop “Unstoppable” Plays
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