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Published on August 26th, 2013 | by Alex Barlow


Top 5 Atlanta Falcons I Would Like To Use In Madden 25

We are really excited about the new Madden Share feature in Madden NFL 25 and all of the possibilities that could come from this that it got me thinking about who we would like to see on a roster for each team historically.  In this series of articles Game Changers Alex Barlow and Shopmaster will attempt to select the top 5 guys for each team that they would like to see in the game and on that teams’ roster. You won’t see any current players, just players that are not going to be in the game. 


Staying in the NFC South we will be moving on to the Falcons who have had many players I have enjoyed watching over the years , now time to narrow down the list to 5 players.


5. WR – Andre Rison – I always liked Rison back in the early 90’s , he would be a nice addition to an already great receiving core. During his career he recorded 743 receptions, 10,205 yards and 84 touchdowns. I know I would hate going up against the Falcons receiving core with Rison added to it, that core is a beast as is in Madden 25.

4. RB -Jamal Anderson – The guy who brought the ‘Dirty Bird’ to Atlanta during the late 90’s ,also made a huge impact on the field for the Falcons rushing for 1,846 yards and 14 touchdowns in 1998. He was a big part of the Falcons making the Superbowl and would be nice to use again in Madden 25. During his career he recorded  5,336 yards and 34 touchdowns ,most coming between 1996-1998.

3. LB- Jessie Tuggle – This is one guy who I loved to watch , he was a hard hitter and a force at linebacker.  He recorded 21 sacks and 6 Interceptions along with 1,640 tackles. In Madden 25 you will need some guys to stop the run and Tuggle would a great player to help in doing just that.

2. RB-Gerald Riggs – My favorite running back to ever wear an Atlanta Falcons jersey, he recorded 8,188 yards and rushed for 69 touchdowns in his career.  I would love to run with this back in Madden 25 on any roster , he was just one of those guys I liked to watch and it would be great to use him. In 1985 Riggs had his best season rushing for 1,719 yards and 10 touchdowns.

1. CB- Deion Sanders – There was never a doubt who would be number on my list when it came to the Falcons , I remember watching the Falcons when Deion was on the team ,it was like waiting for something huge and insane to happen at any time.  During his career he recorded 53 interceptions and was used in many different ways during his career , special teams, receiving and rushing a few times. Having Deion at CB would be great , he is a great weapon to have on special teams and maybe even at wideout here and there.


As always, leave your comments and opinions below.

Check back tomorrow as we reveal the Top 5 Miami Dolphins Shop would like to play with in Madden NFL 25?  Who are your top 5 Falcons from years past? Shout us out on Twitter to join the conversation and get your player out there?  Tweet us @Shopmaster and @AlexElway7


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  • Jeff

    Sorry but it should be Mike Vick Warrick Dunn TJ Ducket algee crumpler deangelo hall allen rossum

    • Shopmaster

      Mike Vick is already in the game so we didn’t add him. So who would you take off the list for Ducket, Crumpler, Hall or Rossum

  • Mike

    Bob Whitfield

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