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Published on July 29th, 2013 | by Shopmaster


Madden 25 – New and Improved Menu System

Last week I was able to attend a Madden NFL 25 Community Event and I got a chance to play not only Madden 25 on current gen but I also got to play Madden 25 on NextGen and on a XBOX One specifically.  It was a great event and before I show some of the gameplay footage I took at the event I wanted to specifically talk about the new and improved menu system in Madden 25.  Don’t worry, I have some more videos to show but I want to get out how efficient these new menus are that get you in a game as quickly as possible.


Get’s You To Where You Want To Be Faster

When you first come to the “Home” tab you are presented with this layout and what makes this so good is how the game knows what you were playing last and shows it in the first box.  So if you were in practice mode last, like I was, selecting this box will put you back into practice mode.  If you were in a franchise last, you can immediately go back into that Connected Franchise without going through the screens you had to last year and in record time.



Play Big Games in the NFL That Week With One Click

Another cool aspect of the new menus is it allows you to play the biggest match-ups in the NFL very quickly.  If I wanted to play the Eagles at Redskins match-up, all I would have to do is click and it will bring me to the team select screen to choose which team I wanted to play with.  It will already have the time and stadium chosen for me.



One Tab “Play” Everything

Under the “Play” tab will be all of your modes from Madden Ultimate Team to Head to Head Online Play.  You’ll also find a gateway to your Connected Franchises, and then there is the “More Modes” box that have Practice, Madden Moments, The EA SPORTS Arena,  Online Communities, and Online Team Play. We’ll talk more about some of these modes in upcoming articles. 



Share Everything

The 3rd tab is where you’ll find all of the Madden Share stuff.  You can download custom rosters, sliders, and custom playbooks.  I’m doing a series on the 5 guys I would like to see on a Madden Share roster for each team and at the end will be making this roster for people to use.  You’ll also be able to share your highlights.  I had a guy ask me today if he could move Denard Robinson over to QB at the start of the season.  Unfortunately you can’t, but because you can use custom rosters to start a CFM, you can change him to a QB.  Then upload your roster so someone else can start their CFM with Denard Robinson as a QB too. I have very high hopes for Madden Share and I really hope the Community takes advantage of this.  I think custom playbooks will be a big hit with the Community.



Customize Your Play, Settings, and more …

In the Customize you’ll be able to customize your roster to your liking, create players, edit players, and create custom playbooks.  I’ll have a video on customizing your playbook later but it’s important to note that any roster changes you make can be used to start a CFM.  So if you disagree with Donnie Moore on the ratings for some of the players in the NFL, go ahead and make your own changes and then start your CFM with that roster.  You can also set your settings from here and in the video below I was able to go through some of those settings and they are the same settings you’ll see when starting your CFM.  You can turn off Ball Hawk, Heat Seeker, Switch Assist, and strafe off for your whole league.

Also as you have seen there has been some changes to the cameras and I will say the Zoom camera has been worked on and was fun to play.  I have a video coming soon.  The new camera mode (Standard) is now a little bit farther away from usual (Legacy).  What this does is keep the screen from jumping when you are hot routing your WRs and pre-snap adjustments.  In the gameplay videos you’ll see that.



That’s it for the New and Improved Menu System, take a look at the video I did and stay tuned for some Gameplay Video really soon.


As Always, leave your comments below.  Like and Subscribe to the channel and I’ll have some more Gameplay Videos soon.

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