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Published on July 16th, 2013 | by Alex Barlow


Top 5 Denver Broncos I Would Like To Use In Madden NFL 25

We are really excited about the new Madden Share feature in Madden NFL 25 and all of the possibilities that could come from this that it got me thinking about who we would like to see on a roster for each team historically.  In this series of articles Game Changers Alex Barlow and Shopmaster will attempt to select the top 5 guys for each team that they like to see in the game and on that teams’ roster. You won’t see any current players, just players that are not going to be in the game at launch but could be created using Madden Share 

Today I will be listing the top 5 Denver Broncos I would like to use in this series, being a fan of the Broncos since my brother gave me all of his jerseys, posters, cards etc. in a mad rage after losing to the Washington Redskins in the Superbowl during the later part of the 80’s.  I have quite a few favorites, but I will try to limit it to 5 on this list.


 5. RB – Terrell Davis –  One of greatest running backs to play who had a chance to break records or be near the top but had his career cut short due to injury. He was one of core reasons for Denver’s 2 Superbowl wins.  Rushing for over 2,000 yards in a season and having a average of over 5 yards per carry , he would hit a hole and be gone. With run free being brought into Madden 25 ,using T.Davis would sure bring the fun in running back to Denver.

  4. DB – Dennis Smith –  As a guy who users the safety position , this would be a fun addition usering one of the big hitters. Smith was a monster at safety who was known for his explosive hits he dished out over his 14 year career with the Broncos. At 6-3  200 pounds he recorded 30 int’s  and 15 sacks while making Pro-Bowl 6 times. While the force impact in Madden 25 , it would great roaming around with Dennis Smith at Safety.

  3. TE- Shannon Sharpe – When Sharpe came into the league and started performing at a high level teams were scrambling , trying to find ways to cover him was very hard , a LB was to slow yet a DB was too small which created a huge mis-match along with Sharpe’s skill set. At 6-2 228 pounds ,Shapre recorded 815 receptions 10,062 yards while scoring 62 Touchdowns. He also was a huge part of back to back Superbowl wins that Denver enjoyed 1998 and 1999 ,he also went to the Ravens and helped get another ring before returning to Denver to retire. Using Sharpe in Madden 25 would create as many headaches for opponents as he did  for DC’s when he played. 

   2. DB – Steve Atwater – Yes , I do have 2 favorite players in my top 5 who are safeties. There is no way I could leave out the ability to user Steve Atwater and lay some HITS down. At 6-3  218 pounds , Atwater was one of most feared hitters of all-time. He made the Pro-Bowl 8 times during his 11 year career and played with no fear when laying hits on opponents. The one that will stick with me forever is watching Christian Okoye of the KC Chiefs who was a beast of a Running Back and mountain of man run through a hole only to meet Atwater who laid the giant down , if you have not seen this play its very easy to find. Usering Steve Atwater while having Dennis Smith at SS would be a users dream when it comes to laying the wood. 

   1.  QB – John Elway –   I believe every fan of football would know who number would be , with a rocket of an arm and the ability to scramble, using John Elway would be a force in Madden 25. He made it to Superbowl Bowl 5 times ,winning it twice. The greatest Bronco to wear the uniform. When Elway retired he held many records which were later broken, this Hall of Fame QB would be my favorite player to use once again in a Madden game. 

 As always, please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions. 

   –   Alex

Check back tomorrow as we reveal the Top 5 Green Bay Packers Shop would like ot play with in Madden NFL 25?  Who are your top 5 Packers, shout us out on Twitter to join the conversation and get your player out there?  Tweet us @Shopmaster and @AlexElway7


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