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Published on July 8th, 2013 | by Shopmaster


Madden NFL 25 Quick Hits: Lost Thoughts From E3 CFM Demo

Hey wassup guys, I know it’s been a minute since I’ve talked about CFM, mostly because everyone is enamored with NexGen Madden 25, but also because nothing new has come out from EA regarding the mode.  Well, I found something new when I was going through my little handbook I took with me to E3.  At E3 I was able to see and play an updated version of CFM since seeing it in person in March.  Here are some new things I found out about CFM that I wrote down:

1. Ball Hawk and Heat Seeker Options – There was a line in the first Madden NFL 25 CFM blog that EA SPORTS put out about Commissioner tools coming and while we still haven’t been able to get heads or tails on what those tools are I do know there are some great options for whoever starts a CFM.  Let’s start with Ball Hawk and Heat Seeker being an option.  I think I may have tweeted that out but I just got asked that question the other day.  The ability to turn off “Ball Hawk” is something that has been asked and is now an option.  While I think Ball Hawk is nowhere as overpowered as it was in Madden NFL 13, it’s still a good option to have. 

2. Every Team Can Relocate – Another option was the ability to enable any team to relocate. With this enabled, any team in the first year will be able to relocate no matter what their stadium rating is.   This was something that we actually talked about in March and although it has it’s advantages, I’m interested to see if all 32 teams will be offered to move at once.  Remember there are only 17 locations, so I can see guys waiting eagerly for that “SIM” to see an invite to move their team.  This sort of creates a delima for the commissioner and the league.  Do you let every team fend for themselves, or will you have some kind of guidelines on who can move, or will you just leave it as it is and make teams need to have a low stadium rating to move.

Here are some other things I found:

– New screens in the game including, food, logos for the relocation cities available, merchandise

– New “Media Inquiries” question/results

– New Uniforms, including some very modern looking ones (wish I could elaborate)

– Advance Week right on the first page, still can only advance one week at a time (can’t stress how everything is easier to get to this year).

I didn’t have a lot of time in CFM but it looks so much better with all of the assets in and I’m very excited to get one started this year.

I also found this gem:



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About the Author

Shopmaster is a die-hard hardcore Madden Player. He also serves an EA SPORTS Game Changer that provides the community with help and information regarding Madden.

  • Boggust

    I know you said you cant talk about the uniforms but all over the forums they’ve been saying they’re utter crap. what would you say?

    • Shopmaster

      I will say this. I was hoping for some Nike Combat Uniforms as an option and none of them were like that. You get 3 options to choose from and I wouldn’t say they are utter crap, but they were not something they put a lot of time into IMO.

      • frags

        imo, I am not going to complain about the unis with everything else they have implemented for this year’s edition. I am very happy with CFM this year; very very very happy.

        I know you are not at liberty to reveal many things, but in your opinion how do the stadiums look? Also, can you speak to the integration they have done from a story perspective once you relocate? Regardless thanks for the info you have given Shop.

        • Shopmaster

          The stadiums look very cool. The announcers will talk about the relocation throughout the course of the year. From the time you choose the city to the time you actually move in.

      • Boggust

        Thanks Shopmaster your the man

  • SConn1

    i think for online CFM, serious ones at least, It will be great to have options to shut off ball hawk / heat seeker this year. We were able to neutralize the ball hawk somewhat last year, but not totally with sliders, but it took a few seasons to get everything tweeked to an acceptable level. With them being off, slider adjustments should be easier and better to create realism.

    On the relocation, I can envision serious, active online leagues to probably empower owners and put things up for a vote. As we all know, not everyone likes to be social, even in an active franchise, so I would probably do something like let the team move if they get 10 yes votes before they get 5 no votes or something like that (actual numbers can be moved). And also have a minimum requirement that their stats and whatnot make them eligible for such a move. I really see it not being utilized till at least mid year when it might be a good tool to create some excitement or entice new owners into vacant spots in a 32 man league. But having the options is definitely a cool move.

    I also hear a lot of rumors swirling the ability to adjust and reset caps and cap penalties. IF true, that will be good. But again, I expect the more serious franchises, like ours to limit the use to only extreme circumstances or to rehab an unusable franchise, either through bad owner moves or a rage quit.

    In the “tools” department, I would really like to see the following included:
    1) the ability to draft from pc or mobile device
    2) some way to set draft priorities even single out desired players, if available, for owners who can’t make a draft. especially if number 1 isn’t done.
    3) commishes need the ability to move players back to a proper team, without penalty when errors or unauthorized trades are made.
    4) fix the problem that when a new owner comes in mid season, or at the end of a season, that they can’t offer contracts to anyone up for one pretty much, as the cpu has usually blown all the deals. the new owner 5be given a shot at the players signing.
    5) fix the glitch that tells me when i am winning a free agent bid vs when i bid short.
    6) it would be really cool to be able to limit the amount certain stats can be raised thru development. a 75 speed guy shouldnt be able to break 80.
    7) ability to workout my team, as in a practice (outside of the practice for xps) , or better yet be able to scrimmage / game against another player outside the league just for practice, like an unranked game,,, would be killer.

    I guess i went a little off topic there,,, but I do hope to see at least some of the above this august.

    Sean Conners aka SConn1
    Realball Commish

    PS,,, I always scratch my head as to why EA gives up so much business in not having a simple chat friendly (like a xat box) space for leagues to communicate. As all the 3rd party sites have shown, the operating cost is not that high, the additional traffic can be a great thing and it’s strange to me that they miss that boat now for 4+ years.

    • Shopmaster

      Do you mean a chat on the website or on the console? Anyways, good list. Thanks for checking us out.

      • SConn1

        i mean the chat boxes that people install on sites like madden daddy, XFN and when they build their own sites. the sites like them basically grab the stats and everything else thru EA’s own servers and the commish just adds a XAT box so the owners can communicate as if they were in a room with each other (vs one on one like email / text) which regular franchise players know is key at draft times, when looking to make trades and usually helps keep a league active as friendships develop and guys will just hang out and BS sometimes.

        it kinda surprises me that EA would just let all that business go. the sites arent any great technological marvel and it only serves logic to think that they can grab their own stats as well as a 3rd party to do it. i would think the opportunity to have a captured, loyal audience hitting up your(EA’s) site would have some value to them, at least in a marketing sense.

        • Shopmaster

          If other people are marketing their game, why should they adopt it. Why not let someone else push their stuff and they don’t pay them or have to spend money to keep up any sites. No surprise to me at all.

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