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Published on May 29th, 2013 | by Shopmaster


Top 5 Places to Relocate Your Franchise in Madden NFL 25

In Madden NFL 25’s Connected Franchise Mode you can move your team from their current city to one of 17 different cities as an owner.  While each city has their own attributes like how big the market size is, fan personality, fan interest, and unique team names, it can be a daunting task to relocate your franchise.  Because it might be another 10 years before you can relocate again, it’s important to choose the right city the first time, and that’s where I am here to help.

Here are my Top 5 Places to Relocate Your Franchise:

1.  Brooklyn, New York – Brooklyn is the #1 place to relocate your franchise in my eyes. Not only is the market size huge, but the fan interest is sky high for getting a team in the Bronx, meaning people will flock to your new stadium.  I know this would make it the 3rd team in New York, but having a stadium in Brooklyn is not going to be an issue.  Plus you’ll be able to bring the Brooklyn Dodgers back into the league.  Brooklyn is the hottest choice among professional teams. Huge market and hardcore fans make this a perfect destination.

Team Name Choices: Yanks, Beats, Dodgers



2.  Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles has always been the ‘Next’ destination for an NFL Franchise owner looking for a new home for their team. The fans there  are fair weather fans, but since the  Rams and the Raiders left, they are ready to support another team. Los Angeles is the easiest city choice financially. They’ll pay for a large percentage of your stadium, so if you are short on money and need some help, LA may just be the option for you.

Team Name Choices: Dreams, All Stars, Aftershocks


3. Houston, Texas – Some might think bringing a second team to Houston would be a mistake but it may be worth it to select the Oilers name and uniform options.  Those Oilers uniforms were nice, plus the fanbase is loyal and want the Oilers back bad.  You’ll sell a lot of merchandise in Houston and in time make that your city. No doubt moving a 2nd team to Houston is a bold move but it could pay dividends in the long run.

Team Name Choices: Oilers, Gunners, Voyagers


4. London, England – There’s no doubt that the Commissioner of the NFL wants to have a team overseas, but will you move your team to London? London is a huge market that would love an NFL Team, but the fans are fair weather fans.  So what makes London a great destination to move your Franchise?  It’s London and you can choose the Monarchs as your team name and logo.  There is no clue as if teams will be tired traveling overseas for 1 week but who knows.

Team Name Choices: Bulldogs, Black Knights, Monarchs (NFL Europe)


5. Mexico City – Mexico –  The last place you want to go is to a place that has bad names to choose from, so that’s why Mexico City rounds out the bottom of my top 5 places to relocate your franchise. Being able to choose the Diablos or Conquistadors team names and logos are the lure of Mexico City.  Not only that but Mexico City is a prime destination it has hardcore fans, and big time stadium funding if you need it.  They really want a team in Mexico City, so you won’t have trouble building that big stadium that will be filled up with some hardcore fans, rooting on the Mexico City Conquistadors!

Team Name Choices: Diablos, Conquistadors, Golden Eagles


What is your top place to relocate your franchise? 

Here are some tables that will help you make your decision:

[sws_csv_data_ui ui_theme=”ui-smoothness”]

City Market Size Fan Personality Fan Interest Description
London, England Huge Fair Weather 45% London is a huge market that would love an NFL Team
Los Angeles, California Huge Fair Weather 95% Los Angeles is the easiest city choice financially. They’ll pay for a large percentage of your stadium
Mexico City, Mexico Huge Hardcore 90% Mexico City is a prime destination. It offers hardcore fans and big time stadium funding.
Toronto, Canada Large Laid Back 20% Toronto is an interesting destination. Good fans and decent stadium funding.
San Antonio, Texas Average Loyal 65% San Antonio is a fairly large market with loyal fans. You’ll have to compete with basketball though.
Orlando, Florida Decent FrontRunner 20% Orlando is home to boy bands, theme parks and strip malls. Where do I sign?
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Small Laid Back 15% OKC doesn’t offer much stadium funding but their fans are pretty laid back!
Salt Lake City, Utah Small Fair Weather 45% Salt Lake City can’t offer much stadium funding but their fans are pretty loyal.
Brooklyn, New York Huge Hardcore 90% Brooklyn is the hottest choice among professional teams. Huge market and hardcore fans make this a perfect destination.
Memphis, Tennessee Small Laid Back 17% You might have the blues if you move here. Very little funding means an expensive stadium bill!
Chicago Illinois Huge Hardcore 80% Chicago is the perfect city for an NFL team. Fans in the Windy City are as loyal as you get and the market size means more jersey sales.
Sacramento, California Average Laid Back 42% Sacramento supports an NBA team, so you should be fine moving here.
Columbus, Ohio Decent FrontRunner 20% Columbus offers fanatic fans that love their team. The market size is small, but you’ll be adorned here.
Portland, Oregon Decent Fair Weather 45% Portland is not a bad spot to relocate to. Good fans and decent stadium funding can be found here.
Austin, Texas Decent FrontRunner 45% Austin is the perfect place to relocate. Good BBQ, great fans and warm temperatures year round.
Dublin, Ireland Decent Laid Back 60% If you’re interested in going International, Dublin is a great spot. Good food and adoring fans can be found in Dublin!
Houston, Texas Huge Loyal 95% Moving a 2nd team to Houston is a bold move. Choose this city and you can bring the Oilers back.

Please note that this all is subject to change from early may when I got this.


[sws_csv_data_ui ui_theme=”ui-smoothness”]

City Name Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Los Angeles, California Dreams All Stars Aftershock
Toronto, Canada Mounties Huskies Thunderbirds
London, England Bulldogs Black Knights Monarchs (NFL Europe)
Mexico City, Mexico Diablos Conquistadors Golden Eagles
San Antonio, Texas Dreadnoughts Marshalls Express
Orlando, Florida Orbits Wizards Sentinels
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Night Hawks Bisons  
Salt Lake City, Utah Elks Pioneers Flyers
Brooklyn, New York Dodgers (Defunct) Beats Yanks
Memphis, Tennessee Hounds Egyptians Steamers
Chicago, Illinois Cougars Blues Tigers (Defunct)
Sacramento, California Miners Condors Redwoods
Columbus, Ohio Aviaters Panhandles (Defunct) Caps
Portland, Oregon Snowhawks Lumberjacks River Hogs
Austin, Texas Bats Armadillos Desperados
Dublin, Ireland Derbys Shamrocks Celtic Tigers
Houston, Texas Oilers (Defunct) Gunners Voyagers


For more impressions about Madden NFL 25 Gameplay and Connected Franchise, follow me on Twitter @Shopmaster and leave your thoughts and comments below.  Be sure to read some of my other “Madden NFL 25 Quick Hits” articles.

Also be sure to check out the Madden NFL 25 News and Information Central with all of the news from around the web and updated daily to get you ready for the release of Madden NFL 25.

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About the Author

Shopmaster is a die-hard hardcore Madden Player. He also serves an EA SPORTS Game Changer that provides the community with help and information regarding Madden.

  • ElPhalpha

    come on now… the Memphis Egyptians, Memphis Steamers, San Antonio Dreadougnuts… Seriously EA

    • Shopmaster

      lol, I said the same thing when I saw them. I imagine a lot of people may be keeping the name of the franchise that’s moving.

      • anon

        Well, Memphis was named after the capital city of Egypt, so thats where the Egyptians come in. I actually think that’s a cool concept, and the uniforms are probably going to be really cool. I think the LA team names are the worst of the bunch. LA Dreams and All Stars. Thats really lazy.

        • Andrew

          Was really hoping for Showboats or Blues as a choice for Memphis. Egyptians is okay I guess, but I would have preferred if they’d taken the name of the old Arena team, the Pharaohs.

    • Tristan

      The only good uniforms I saw were The Columbus Aviators and the Sacramento Miners (although the Miners name sucks) The miners probably had the most original of the uniforms the blue and gold was the most original of all the uniforms in the game. The others seemed to be too similar to other nfl teams uniforms. They definitely need to give us the option to choose the uniform and the team name even if it is just a a preset option you can choose after picking your city. Would have loved to have seen more names on the list of places to move a franchise to as well. Omaha springs to mind. Would love to move a football team to a state that doesn’t have one.

  • GoMadden

    no Memphis Blue Suedes? D;

    • Shopmaster

      Yeah, I wish we were involved in coming up with names. Some of these are just crazy.

  • infemous

    Wow these names suck.

    Thanks for the info!

  • Doug Eash

    I can live with the names if I have to, but can we select our own color scheme’s?

    • Shopmaster

      You can not select your own uniform colors or logo.

  • eckstrom26

    I’m glad they are giving us options. Custom teams would be fantastic. Create a team was one of the most influential aspects of Madden. They should atleast have 32 places to relocate. Create a team with brand new logos would make this game on point. Users love customization!

  • Brad Harsel

    can a city that loses a team; say the Ravens relocate from Baltimore; could the Colts relocate to Baltimore then?

    • Shopmaster

      Nope, once a team leaves a city that city is not an option.

  • Madden Fan

    Why not use some of the other old World League names, not just the Monarchs, since they have teams in the same cities. The Glory, Surge, Thunder and Riders would have been much better choices.

    Dublin being an option I just don’t get at all. I do hope they add more choices ad DLC.

  • semyhre12

    I’d like to relocate a lot of teams but not anything to crazy like moving the Patroits or Packers or Cowboys, who do you think wouldn’t be to un-real if i relocated them, and where would be the best places to relocate them Conference wise…. I’d really like to Relocate a team to Memphis (maybe Cleveland) but I also want anybody who has a large or huge market to have a team. Also maybe moving the Raiders and Chargers somewhere like San Antonio, OKC, or Portland. So far this is what I have come up with, no Memphis:(… The Team that will be relocatings name appears first, then their division, then where with what name they would be relocating too, if not relocation name then that means I’m undecided.

    Jacksonville Jaguars-AFC -South Houston Oilers or Gunners

    Cincinnati Bengals-AFC- North Chicago Tigers or Blues

    San Diego Chargers-AFC West

    St.Louis Rams-NFC West- Los Angeles Aftershock

    Buffalo Bills-AFC East – Toronto Thunderbirds or Huskies

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers – NFC South Mexico City Conquistadors or Diablos

    Oakland Raiders- AFC West

    Miami Dolphins- AFC East – London Monarchs

    Cleveland Browns AFC North – Brooklyn Dodgers or Beats

    • Shopmaster

      All of those look good. I wish you could alter the divisions after a relocation.

      I’m going to move Cincinnati to Columbus.

  • semyhre12

    Can you move two teams to one city? Like have the Rams move to LA and become the LA Rams, and the Chargers move and become the LA Aftershock? Also could you move a team to say Columbus and then decide you would rather move them somewhere like Memphis and do that, so basically move a team twice

    • Shopmaster

      You can’t have two teams in one city. And once you vacate a city, that city becomes unavailable to move to.

      • WisCO

        You can move two to LA but none of the other cities.

  • Retro

    Not the greatest options for names. As much as I would like to be able to pick my own team name I understand and appreciate the decision behind this. My biggest annoyance in the past when relocating was going through all the trouble of the relocation and getting the name changed, adding it to different parts of the stadium only to start a game and have the commentary start with “Welcome to tonight’s match of the Bears …against THE HOME TEAM!!!”. Ugh.
    I do think they could have given us better customization for the uniforms though.

    • Shopmaster

      I agree. I understand the ‘pre determined’ names for presentation purposes, but I do also wish that there was more customization for uniforms and logos.

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  • zanevorhis

    I don’t understand why Hawaii wasn’t an option in this version.

  • Mantaur

    Chicago Blues is pretty cool, moved my team there and are using them now. Love it. I think having set names and stuff is good because it stops randomly generated names that make no sense, the uniforms match the name and the announcers can actually say their name.
    Although next year there should be more customization plus keep this thing in there so unimaginative people like me can just pick a name and a jersey and go nuts


    They should let us pick nearly any city like I want to move a team to San Francisco but it won’t let me. Technically SF doesn’t even have a team anymore, at least one the plays anywhere near the city.

  • David C. Jensen

    Can you give me a list of all the current teams I can uproot and move?

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