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Published on May 28th, 2013 | by Shopmaster


Madden NFL 25 Quick Hits: Formation Audibles [Updated Info]

[sws_red_box box_size=”630″] EA has updated me with some information regarding audibles in Madden 25 since writing the initial article. [/sws_red_box]

In my article below I talk about how the Audible system was in when I played it in early May and how it was explained to us in February. Shortly after the article was published I was in deep conversations with community members who liked it and some that didn’t. I mentioned in my article that I felt a better system was for them to audible by personnel and not by formations and passed that information on back when I was in Orlando giving feedback. While I understand that it would stop people from audibling from 5 WR to Goaline, it would also limit the offense and keep them in the same formation. Well after writing the article and discussion with the community on my Twitter (@Shopmaster) I was contacted by EA SPORTS on some of the changes that have been made since I played it in May.

1. The audible system is now based on personnel and not formations. Meaning if you are in a Weak I formation you can audible to a Strong I formation. You can audible (shift) to any formation that contains the same personnel grouping that’s currently on the field that is in your playbook. When you hit audible it will look like this above the top < Singleback – Normal >

2. You can only set audibles to plays that are already in your playbook. So you don’t have access to all of the plays in that formation from other playbooks. (Another reason why I think Custom Playbooks will be a big deal this year.)

3. Also heard that you can set quick audibles in-game. I’m not quite sure how this works but I was told that while playing someone you can set any of the quick audibles for your formations without hitting the pause button. There was a way to do this on the PS2 and XBOX, forgot what version. I’m sure someone will remind me.

4. Same rules apply to the defense. No audibling from Nickel to to 4-3.


Here’s the situation, it’s 3rd and 6 and your opponent comes out in a Shotgun Gun Tight with 4WRs and 1RB in the backfield lined up beside the QB.  You stop him short of a 1st and instead of him kicking it, he goes into a hurry up and instead of coming out in Shotgun Tight again, he comes out in a Goaline formation by making an audible before he gets to the line. It’s things like this that really frustrate the hardcore simulation guys and it’s obviously something that EA plans on addressing.

In a meeting with Developers in February, it was indicated to me that EA wanted to stop those kinds of “Shenanigans” and made a statement of “That doesn’t happen in the NFL, it shouldn’t happen in Madden.”  To address that situation as well as the ability to audible from a spread formation to one that puts a WR at TE, EA is getting rid of the 5 audibles that you set up for your playbook.  Now I know what your thinking …. but let me finish.  No longer will you be able to pick a playbook and set your 5 offensive audibles like you have done in previous Madden NFL games, but instead you’ll be able to set up specific audibles based on your formation. 

In real life, coaches call plays based on personnel and that’s what EA wants players to do.  They want more realistic play calling and more realistic audibles being called.

While playing Madden NFL 25 in early May I dove into how this system worked first hand and it worked as expected.  Each formation had their own set of audibles you can audible to within that formation. How to set up your audibles is easy too.  You would go into the ‘Coaching Options’ under the ‘Customize’ tab and then you go to ‘Customize Playbooks’ which will allow you to update audibles and plays  for all playbooks. From this screen you’ll be able to create a playbook or edit an already existing playbook. If you go to the audible tab you’ll see the formation in a big screen that shows you the personnel with 4 audibles for that formation on the right side. Pressing the confirm button takes you to a screen where you can replace one of the audibles with any of the plays in the formation.  It’s still unclear if all the plays in that formation will be available or just the plays from that formation in that playbook. 

This can be done for your created playbooks as well.  This is going to create a plethora of new schemes and unique schemes out there in the Madden Community as well as stop some of the “shenanigans” we’ve been seeing online.  I think being able to set your own custom audibles for formations will increase the amount of players using the custom playbook feature.  I wish I had some screenshots to show you guys cause I think it would really show how this featured was laid out and how efficient the process is.

I like this way of doing formation audibles a lot, but next year I would like it to be expanded to personnel, not just formations.  Meaning if I come out in a Strong I Close, I can audible to a I Form Normal.  I believe that would make this system even better and be like it was on PS2 and XBOX.

[sws_blue_box box_size=”630″] Theory: I didn’t get to test this out but from just logistic point of view, it would be beneficial if you set up a custom playbook and used that in your CFM. This way if you wanted to change, you could just theoretically change the plays in the csutom playbook and they will reflect in CFM.  If you have or are in multiple CFMs, then I suggest creating a custom playbook for each CFM, so if your scheme changes in one you can change the plays in that playbook and it won’t affect the other Connected Franchises. [/sws_blue_box]

Do you like this new way of audibles or would you like to go back to the audible system last year?

For more impressions about Madden NFL 25 Gameplay and Connected Franchise, follow me on Twitter @Shopmaster and leave your thoughts and comments below.  Be sure to read some of my other “Madden NFL 25 Quick Hits” articles.

Also be sure to check out the Madden NFL 25 News and Information Central with all of the news from around the web and updated daily to get you ready for the release of Madden NFL 25.



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About the Author

Shopmaster is a die-hard hardcore Madden Player. He also serves an EA SPORTS Game Changer that provides the community with help and information regarding Madden.

  • Mark Britten

    I agree that it would be better to allow audibles from any similar formation (or at least any formation with the same personnel).

    • Shopmaster

      looks like we got it in … hoooray!

  • infemous

    Its a step in the right direction.

    I would hope that they have stopped people being able to hot route and audible before being set up with the QB under center.

    The stuff about the custom playbooks is great insider info and will be fantastic. I can’t wait to adjust the Rams defensive playbook into having some more aggressive zone blitz elements!

    Do you happen to know if the presentation of the custom playbooks are still very bugged like last time?

    • Shopmaster

      any specific bugs in presentation you want to mention?

      • infemous

        just the issue of a section being divided.

        An example:

        Shotgun would have 5 wide and 4 WR 1 RB, then you scroll left and you’d have your 3 WR, 1 TE and 1HB set with a bunch set etc.

        this patch was made to prevent it but it then caused certain formations to come up blank and didn’t fix it entirely as I remember some formation categories being divided.

        I just hope that this sort of bug is avoided so we don’t have to wait for a patch!

        Thanks man!

  • Chuck

    Seems to me this might lead to more people running hurry up all the time. Before they were limited by the need to have diversity in their audibles, now they can have a bunch of shotgun audibles and just come out and spam them in hurry up.

    • GoMadden

      Not a big deal since you’ll already be in the correct package to stop it. You can essentially do anything on defense with defensive playmaker controls to adjust your play.

  • GoMadden

    Shopmaster with the good info once again!

  • GoMadden

    Do you know if this is just on offense, or defense as well? Seems important to not have it on defense, since you need more control to adjust for the offense.

    • Shopmaster

      It’s on defense as well, check my updates above.

      • GoMadden

        Glad to see it has been expanded to be personnel based, very disappointed about not being able to audible up/down on defense any more though. Unless man assignments are making a return in Madden 25, it’s incredibly difficult to get DBs matched up on the right players against certain tight formations, and quick hikes usually mean there’s not enough time to manually move defenders.

        One of my favorite techniques in Madden when my opponent comes out in a 2 TE set in obvious passing situations is to audible down from a dime to a 4-3. This allows you to get DBs lined up right in front of the TEs, as opposed to spread out wide like they are in dime by default against tight formations.

        I think anything with the same amount of d-linemen should be allowed to audible up/down to. What makes a 4-3 a 4-3 is the fact that you have four linemen and three linebackers. If you audible down from a dime to a 4-3, it’s no longer a 4-3, you’re just changing the way your d-backs line up on the play.

  • Dominic

    This really just limits offensive creativity in my opinion, and whoever suggested this to the EA Devs should be ashamed. Might as well just play NFL Head Coach now in my opinion. Instead of fixing the problems people have with no huddle, they just took the audible system out of the game, and replaced it with relatively nothing. All this new feature is allowing you to do is replace your 4 stick audibles with your own custom plays within the formation. People are completely ignoring the fact that many of these formations don’t have an abundance of good plays in it, and people (like me) want to be able to audible to different formations to set up different plays for later in the game.

    You don’t want people to be able to come out in a spread look, and then audible to Goal Line, here’s an idea … code it out of the game. It’s not that difficult. If anything, they should have allowed you to only audible to formations that have the same personnel grouping, I would have been fine with that. But to take 5 global audibles out of the game because it’s “unrealistic’, but keep “Ballhawk’, and “Heatseeking tackling” to aid a bad user, and then further dumb down offense so sim guys don’t have to practice at the game is just a terrible. A bad day for Madden indeed.

    • Shopmaster

      Do you still feel the same way with the updates above?

    • zaymiami

      Gr8 job bruh…feel same way want my…money

  • confuzius

    How do packages fit into this?
    Shotgun Double On with HB Wideout package is 21 personnel.
    Can I audible to I Form Normal?

  • zaymiami

    I hate it….want my money back….

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