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Published on May 21st, 2013 | by Shopmaster


Connected Franchise: Relocating Your Franchise in Madden NFL 25

Sometimes things just don’t work out in that city, they don’t want to fund for a new stadium, the market size is too small …. or maybe just maybe it’s more fun to pick up your Franchise and move to a new city; and you can do that in Connected Franchise for Madden NFL 25.

For this Connected Franchise article I thought I’d take you through the procedure on how to move your team and what options you’ll be faced with when it comes to relocation.  First your team has to be bad enough for you to relocate, I’m not sure at what level of Fan Happiness you have to be at but it has to be pretty low.  Some of the teams that will have the option to move in the first year are the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Oakland Raiders.  I’m sure the Cleveland Browns may be a team as well but I can’t remember off the top of my head if they could be moved in the first year.  If you take over a team and you just want to move them, then you’ll need to let your stadium go and let it fall so low with the fans happiness that they’ll be begging you to leave.

So in this article, I’m going to relocate the Jacksonville Jaguars.  They need a new change of scenery. So I create myself as owner of the Jaguars and make myself to have a ‘Financial Mogul’ background (If you are unsure what each background does, check out my owners mode article) this will give me more money to start off with to use to move. I name my character Sean Combs and we take over ownership in Jacksonville. 

Before we even start we get asked a question by Adam Schefter.

You’ve been a highly successful businessman, and now you own a BFL Franchise, what’s the next step for you and this team?

The choices are:

I’ve had a lot of success and now I want to have fun and give back to these fans and provide them with a great experience every Sunday.   TICKET PRICEPer Win +2%/Per Loss -5%*


Part of being good at business is surrounding yourself with smart people, so that will continue to be priority A.  We’ll build a continual winner from the top down.  TEAM SUCCESS Per Win +2%/Per Loss -5%*


Business to me is turning a profit, so I want to make this franchise the one everybody thinks of first when they think of the NFL.  TEAM SUCCESS – Per Super Bowl Win +2%/Per Playoff Missed -5%*


*The risk/reward for these answers are still being tweaked.

Well of course since I want to move the team I’m not going to pick number 1 because the fans are going to get upset when they hear I’m moving.  I chose #2, seemed like the safest choice.  The Jaguars are in bad shape and it’s apparent that I’m not there to rebuild that team in Jacksonville as I don’t do anything to the stadium and try to fix it up by renovating.  Sean Combs wants to move the Jaguars and by week 3 he finally gets the option to do so.


Choose City

It’s usually week 3 when you get the option to move if your team is low enough to move.

In week 3 of the regular season Sean Combs is presented with an invitation to move a second city to Chicago.  Chicago and a Market size of #1 (I’m guessing that Big Market), the City Personality is Hardocre, the Fan Happiness is +85%, and the Stadium Funding is $540M.  Right now in week 3 Sean Combs has a value of $25M and his team is ranked 32nd in value among other NFL teams.

Now just because they present you with that city doesn’t mean you have to go to that city, you can chose any city you want and here is the list:

 [sws_csv_data_ui ui_theme=”ui-smoothness”]

City Market Size Fan Personality Fan Interest Description
London, England Huge Fair Weather 45% London is a huge market that would love an NFL Team
Los Angeles, California Huge Fair Weather 95% Los Angeles is the easiest city choice financially. They’ll pay for a large percentage of your stadium
Mexico City, Mexico Huge Hardcore 90% Mexico City is a prime destination. It offers hardcore fans and big time stadium funding.
Toronto, Canada Large Laid Back 20% Toronto is an interesting destination. Good fans and decent stadium funding.
San Antonio, Texas Average Loyal 65% San Antonio is a fairly large market with loyal fans. You’ll have to compete with basketball though.
Orlando, Florida Decent FrontRunner 20% Orlando is home to boy bands, theme parks and strip malls. Where do I sign?
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Small Laid Back 15% OKC doesn’t offer much stadium funding but their fans are pretty laid back!
Salt Lake City, Utah Small Fair Weather 45% Salt Lake City can’t offer much stadium funding but their fans are pretty loyal.
Brooklyn, New York Huge Hardcore 90% Brooklyn is the hottest choice among professional teams. Huge market and hardcore fans make this a perfect destination.
Memphis, Tennessee Small Laid Back 17% You might have the blues if you move here. Very little funding means an expensive stadium bill!
Chicago Illinois Huge Hardcore 80% Chicago is the perfect city for an NFL team. Fans in the Windy City are as loyal as you get and the market size means more jersey sales.
Sacramento, California Average Laid Back 42% Sacramento supports an NBA team, so you should be fine moving here.
Columbus, Ohio Decent FrontRunner 20% Columbus offers fanatic fans that love their team. The market size is small, but you’ll be adorned here.
Portland, Oregon Decent Fair Weather 45% Portland is not a bad spot to relocate to. Good fans and decent stadium funding can be found here.
Austin, Texas Decent FrontRunner 45% Austin is the perfect place to relocate. Good BBQ, great fans and warm temperatures year round.
Dublin, Ireland Decent Laid Back 60% If you’re interested in going International, Dublin is a great spot. Good food and adoring fans can be found in Dublin!
Houston, Texas Huge Loyal 95% Moving a 2nd team to Houston is a bold move. Choose this city and you can bring the Oilers back.

Please note that this all is subject to change from early may when I got this.


I’ll have an article about the Top 5 places to relocate a city to a little later but it’s obvious that Sean Combs is going with Brooklyn.  So week 4 comes around and the fans are not happy at all as the owners’ Fan Happiness rating goes down the drain. 

Choose Name and Logo

Week 5 rolls around and finally we get to choose a name for our team.

Here are our choices for the City of Brooklyn.  Now all cities will have different names available and we talked to the devleopers about making those names available when you choose your city.  Nothing worse than choosing a new city and have to pick between names you don’t like.  In all honesty, my good friend from TSO (SimSherrif) pointed out that we should be able to create our own names, our own logos, and our own uniforms.  That would be great, unortunately that is not the case this year.

So here are the names for the Brooklyn City.  Each name is represented with a logo and the fan interest in that logo and name.. (No logos were in in the build we played):

Jaguars (17% Fan Interest) – Keep the same name as the current one.

Beats (10% Fan Interest) – Music has always been the sould of Brooklyn. Represent the heart of Brooklyn by choosing this mascot. (No mascot was chosen)

Dodgers (80% Fan Interest) – The original Dodgers played in the NFL from 1930 to 1943. Ready for history to repeat itself?

Yanks (10% Fan Interest) – Most baseball fans outside of New york would vote against choosing this name. Do you agree?

That’s it, 4 names and logos to choose between.  Sean Combs being a Music Mogul picked Beats.  So the Brooklyn Beats it is as we head into week 7 of the regular season.

The good thing about moving as an owner is you no longer care what the fans think or want.  Another tip: drive the prices up on food and merchandise.  You don’t care if they don’t like it but some people will buy it or maybe you cut prices hoping that fans will buy it for keepsake.

Choose Uniforms

It doesn’t matter cause week 7 brings on the task of choosing a uniform.  Again it would be great if we got to customize our own uniforms but instead we have to choose between 3 styles. (Note, again these assets were not available for us to look at in early May.)  The 3 styles include Classic, Modern, and Traditional.  Each style has tweets from fans and their opinion of the uniforms as well as a popularity poll for each style.  It was mentioned to us that a Nike Pro Combat Uniform might make it into the selection.  Sean Combs chose the modern look as 40% of the fans liked it.


Choose Stadium

By week 9, you can’t wait for the season to be over with and Sean Combs feels the same way as he raises all the prices and tries to squeeze out every penny from the Jacksonville fans.  While the team is 1-7 the decision to choose a new stadium comes up to take your mind off of the awful performances on the field. 

There are 10 Stadium Types, each with a Build Cost and a weekly cost.  You’ll also see the seating capacity, the number of suites, stadium size (level), market size, city personality, and stadium funding %.  You’ll also see some tweets of Fan opinions. You can click a to view the proposal as well.

Please note all of these figures are not set in stone and could be changed when the game ships.

 [sws_csv_data_ui ui_theme=”ui-smoothness”]

Stadium Type Build Cost Weekly Cost Seating Capacity Suites Stadium Size (Lvl) Stadium Funding %
Basic Sphere Stadium $0.97B $0.87M 82566 4128 4 55%
Basic Canopy Stadium $0.95B $0.82M 72000 214 4 56%
Basic Traditional Stadium $0.98B $0.89M 67000 3350 3 54%
Basic Futuristic Stadium $1.00B $0.92M 63400 3170 3 54%
Basic Hybrid Stadium $0.97B $0.87M 68756 3438 3 55%
Deluxe Traditional Stadium $1.20B $1.32M 67000 3350 3 45%
Deluxe Canopy Stadium $1.10B $1.12M 72000 214 4 49%
Deluxe Shpere Stadium $1.25B $1.42M 82566 4128 4 43%
Deluxe Futuristic Stadium $1.50B $1.92M 63400 3170 3 36%
Deluxe Hybrid Stadium $1.35B $1.62M 68756 3438 3 40%

Please note that this all is subject to change from early may when I got this.

 There are proposals for each stadium that also breakdown the seating for the different sections (Suite, Lower, Middle, Upper) and the Facilities and what level that stadium’s facilities start at.  For example a Deluxe Futuristic Stadium comes with Deluxe Bathrooms Level 3.  I really wish I could show you guys some assets, because they show you what the stadium will look like.

So now Sean Combs has chosen the city, chosen the name and logo, chosen the uniforms, and chosen the type of stadium to build.  The only thing left if to finish off this horrid of a season and move to Brooklyn next year.

Here are some facts about relocating in CFM:

  • You can’t go back to a city you have left, so if you are in a 32 online franchise and 17 teams move.  That’s it!
  • You can’t customize any name, logo, or uniform in your relocation
  • As of this article you can’t see the team names, logos, or uniforms before you pick the city. (I’m sure once E3 hits we’ll have a list.)
  • Your Stadium has to have a rating of 40 or lower to move

For more impressions about Madden NFL 25 Gameplay and Connected Franchise, follow me on Twitter @Shopmaster and leave your thoughts and comments below.  Be sure to read some of my other “Madden NFL 25 Quick Hits” articles and Connected Franchise Articles.

Also be sure to check out the Madden NFL 25 News and Information Central with all of the news from around the web and updated daily to get you ready for the release of Madden NFL 25.

If you missed the live podcast that I did last night all about Connected Franchise Information click here.



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About the Author

Shopmaster is a die-hard hardcore Madden Player. He also serves an EA SPORTS Game Changer that provides the community with help and information regarding Madden.

  • Bolts88

    Any idea on the team names for Portland or Mexico City? When you pick a uniform do you get to pick the colors at least? Or are those decided, too?

    • Shopmaster

      No idea, I will try to get those from Josh. As far as the colors, those are predetermined.

      • Bolts88

        You’re the man, Shop, thanks. I’d love to hear more about the counter that shows how many times a user played the CPU in online CFM. Or better yet, if they quit the game they should get a loss!

  • Guest

    Hi. Do you know if CPU controlled teams can relocate? Love the idea of user controlled relocation, but not keen on the thought of CPU controlled franchises moving!

    • Shopmaster

      No, I don’t think CPU controlled teams will move. There are only a limited number of places so it would suck if the CPU moved to London before you.

      • Jon Koenig

        I think this would add to the alure of the idea of relocating. Maybe you decide to tough it out, and improve, BECAUSE you can’t take it to the city you want. Show them the force they never thought possible. #winning

        • Shopmaster

          The problem is you can’t go back to a city that had a franchise and moved. So if I move the Skins from Maryland, no other team can go to MD. Hopefully this gets expanded on next time.

      • Kyle

        Cpu teams can move. I have had the rams and raiders move

        • Shopmaster

          Yea, I’ve seen that. I even saw a guy do a Coach CFM and his owner moved the team. He was pissed, but I like it.

          • Kyle

            Do you know if the percentage of the original names when you move stay the same for fan interest. Let’s say i move the bills to buffalo is it usually 17%

      • Bill Avery

        After my first season the jags moved to Brooklyn and became the beats they are cpu as i play as the bucs

  • George AndersonTakei

    If I decided to relocate to London, why get a new stadium? Wimbley is there, no funding required. Madden should have taken this into account

    • Shopmaster

      Good point, but I think it’s more fun choosing a stadium that you want.

      • George AndersonTakei

        True, what heck, London needs another stadium anyways.

        • Shopmaster

          lol … now you’re in the spirit …. lol

  • Vic

    I just get so disappointed when I read this stuff. What is there to get excited about? Relocating franchises was already apart of the game; they removed it after Madden 08 I believe. Teams could not do any customization to the uniform or logo back then; and in 2013, we still can’t? (NCAA used to let you upload an image as the team logo and it appeared on the helmet and in the end zone) Madden 25 would rectify all my issues if they can ensure that CPU games will be competitive, equality in player development (in some leagues, players would pad stats just to gain more XP points faster then other humans even though they said that wouldn’t be an issue), bring the transaction wire back in CCM (some players retired or were traded and if it wasn’t mentioned in the news center…we never knew about it) , show the ‘played’ box in the online CCM schedule page (it was hard not knowing whether or not people were restarting their games in online CCM leagues), freshen up the commentary to reflect the current league’s players and storylines ( I was playing in the year 2024 and the commentators were still talking about how Jim Schwartz and the Lions had a great year in 2010…Schwartz had been removed from the team in 2013.)

    • Shopmaster

      All very good points. I’m excited that it’s back in, but no where am I saying this is a new feature. Like you said it was in Madden before. Customization is a tricky issue. With them having preset name and logos, the presentation and commentary will be consistent. The transaction log is back and includes retirement and trades, and I believe they are working on a counter to show how many times you played the CPU. I haven’t hear commentary.

    • Chiryder

      Yea, I’m not sure which version you’re playing but you could customize the uniform when you move a team. Logo’s were the same.

  • Bobby Arnott

    Cool article, thanks! SO glad Owner mode is back

  • Mike

    Just how much money does your franchise make a week? Just looking for an average number because most of these stadiums seem to have expensive weekly cost

    • Shopmaster

      I will have an article up soon detailing a week by week account of an owner through the first couple of weeks and it will show you how much I made each week.

  • Favre

    Just WOW! This post and your other on all the things owners do…the most informative I’ve seen anywhere, by a million miles. Nice in-depth coverage, Shop!! Looking forward to more blogs based on your “hands on” experience with the early build.

  • Chris

    When you choose to relocate but keep the same logo, that means you keep the same uniforms right?

    • Shopmaster


  • Rob

    Two things, one do you know which teams you can move in the first season, you said that you can’t remember, and two with the stadium level having to be under 40 would you say it is impossible to move teams like the Cardinals or the Buccaneers

    • Rob

      Also you said on the FAQ that you can start a CF with edited rosters in single player, can you in online?

      • Shopmaster

        Yes, you can use edited rosters to start your CFM.

    • Shopmaster

      No, I don’t think it will be impossible. All you have to do is let your stadium go.

  • mrwelshcake

    Which teams can move in the first season?

    • Chiryder

      none. You have to play through the first season before you can move officially move. In certain weeks, they ask you where you want to move, team logo, uniforms, etc. Up until the end of the year and then in the offseason you start off in the new location.

      • Shopmaster

        Not true. When you start the league there is an option to allow any team to move and most will get that option in the first year. If you don’t turn that on, you can move Jacksonville, Oakland, and Bills in the first year.

        • Chiryder

          So you can play Year 1 week 1 in London?

          • Shopmaster

            No, you start the process in year 1. He asked “which teams can move in the first season”. You always have to start a process, you can’t just up and move in a couple of weeks.

          • Chiryder

            Isn’t that what I said?

            “You have to play through the first season before you can move officially move. In certain weeks, they ask you where you want to move, team logo, uniforms, etc. Up until the end of the year and then in the offseason you start off in the new location.”

  • lakers win

    kinda wish we can change division and sure stadiums with two city teams o well

  • jerome

    can you turn off the salary cap ?

  • M25lover

    lowest ranking stadiums…. I know the raiders and the rams which are two awful teams (no offense to fans) whats the best team with the lowest stadium ranking

  • MemphisHounds

    How long does it take to actually pay off a stadium? I moved the Jags to Memphis and I am curious how long will it take for me to pay it off because it is costing me 2 million a week.

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