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Published on May 19th, 2013 | by Shopmaster


Madden NFL 25 Quick Hits: Hit Stick and Heat Seeker Tackling

Happy Sunday!

The other day EA released it’s Playbook #2 Blog and video that was focused on the defensive side of the ball.  There were quite a few things going on in that video and a lot of discussion coming  from that video along with some questions about Hit Sticks and the “Heat Seeker” tackling in Madden NFL 25.  It’s good to get this info out now before the CFM Info comes out later tomorrow because not many people will be talking about game play for a while until E3, or unless another gameplay video surfaces from EA.

Hit Sticks

In the video they showed Hit Sticks that looked good and created some devastating hits and while I’ll always say that these trailers shouldn’t be taken as a direct representation of actual gameplay, I will say that the ‘Hit Stick’ was back in the build I played in early May.  Last year I felt like the ‘Hit Stick’ were not as impactful as in Madden NFL 12 and it was probably because of the new “Infinity Engine” that was put in last year.  In the build I played I was able to ‘Hit Stick’ a lot better.  Maybe not as good as Madden 11 but I was able to hit the WRs as they caught the ball and jar the ball loose.  I really think “Hit Sticks” never felt as good when they put the Infinity Engine in for the fact that they took suction out of the game or at least tried to take all the suction out.  In previous Maddens you could be facing the wrong way and suction “Hit Stick” someone without even lining up your opponent.  This year with defenders breaking down and squaring up on the player, it looks good and feel pretty good as well.  I will say it’s not easy to pull it off as I wiffed more than I wanted to but when you do land it, it feels good. 


Battling the Precision Run Modifiers

One of EA SPORTS’ biggest goals with the precision run modifiers was to create more separation between elite players and ‘everyone else’.  I believe this is something we’ve been asking for cause nothing is more frustrating than someone taking a 3rd string RB and running like Adrian Peterson.  EA does this not only on the offensive side of the ball but the defensive side of the ball as well.  On offense, a ball carrier with a 90+ move rating (SFA, SPM, TRK, JKM) will have access to special moves that cannot be performed by other back but the same applies to defense.  If a defensive player has a high awareness (AWR) and agility (AGI) rating they are less likely to be faked out by a precision move and if they do get faked out, they have a much better ability to recover from the fake out and still make a play. This creates separation on from Superstars and regular players even on the defensive part of the ball.


The Risk of the Heat Seeker Tackling

Many fear that the Heat Seeker Tackling would be more of an aid like the ball hawk, but I was able to ask Creative Director of Gameplay, Rex Dickson, exactly how this was tuned.  My question was simple; are there any risks/rewards when it comes to ‘Heat Seeker Tackling’ and will it be overpowered like the Ball Hawk is a concern as well.

Here is what Rex said;

The main risk with heat seeker tackling is that you are subject to the defensive fake out system that is triggered by ball carrier evasion moves. If you decide to steer in without using heat seeker (or turn the heat seeker option off) you are not subject to the fake out system with a user controlled defender. Also keep in mind that you will only feel heat seeker activate if your stick direction is off from the intersection point with the ball carrier. If your stick skills are on point, you should rarely even notice that heat seeker is there. Also, you can’t just hold the button down the entire play. It works similar to the tackle prep timer from previous years, you have the judge the distances appropriately because if you hold the tackle/hit stick down too early, your player will lunge early and miss the tackle.

I like the sound of that.  So if you are someone who is going to use the Heat Seeker Tackling then be prepared to get faked out if I use a precision modified spin or juke.  I’m going to guess a lot of guys will turn the Heat Seeker off just so that it’s you controlling your guy all the way through the tackle and not leave it up an aid.

Will you be turning the ‘Heat Seeker Tackling’ off or on?

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Remember that Connected Franchise Information will be released sometime Monday May 20th and I will be doing a special live podcast all about Connected Franchise Information at 9:00pm est so tune into that.

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  • GoMadden

    That sounds like a pretty decent balance for heat seeker.

  • Chuck

    Hope we can turn heat seeker off for entire leagues and not just teams.

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