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Published on May 15th, 2013 | by Shopmaster


Madden NFL 25 Quick Hits: Top 5 QBs to Utilize ‘Run Free’

In one of my previous articles I talk about the Running Game in Madden NFL 25 and how it’s not just the RBs you’ll have to worry about. In this Madden NFL 25 ‘Quick Hits’ article we take a look at the Top 5 QBs in the game that not only get it done through the air but will cause some problems if you let them ‘Run Free’ in the open field.  On this list you won’t see V. Young and his 85 SPM, Dennis Dixon and his 90 JKM, or Tim Tebow and his 86 TRK. For the purpose of this article we are using the last roster update for Madden NFL 13


1. Cam Newton – Panthers

Cam Newton may not be the fastest among some of the other QBs on this list but the speed that Cam lacks he makes up in other areas that in the open field will make him a handful to bring down in Madden NFL 25.  Newton’s most powerful attribute/rating is his Truck (TRK) rating which last year ended with an 85.  Cam Newton is 6’5″ 244 lbs. of impact force and when he decides to take off and get yardage I hope you have a Linebacker trying to take Cam down, because he may just run over an ill prepared DB in this new running game.  Not only does Cam tote the best TRK of any QB other than Tebow but his 81 SFA, 90 SPM, and 92 JKM make him a RB at the QB position and a problem for defense to try and stop. 


2.  Robert Griffin III – Redskins

RG3 was no-doubt the most explosive QB in the league last year taking the NFL by storm.  The Pistol formation used by the Washington Redskins’ offense utilized RG3’s talents as a dual threat QB.  RG3 is the fastest QB in this group, assuming he retains his 92 SPD rating, but it’s his 94 Elusiveness Rating and his 92 Spin Move that makes just getting a hand on him a problem. With the new ‘Precision Modifiers’ for guys who have a 90+ rating at any given attribute makes RG3’s spin move about as deadly as the Tazmanian Devil.  Couple that with a strong Pistol formation and the threat of him dropping back with a play-action and passing it 70+ yards makes defensive gurus stay discipline when this guy is under center.




3.  Michael Vick – Eagles

Michael Vick has been a video game phenomenon ever since he appeared on the cover of Madden NFL 04 and even at the age of 32 Vick will still get it done in Madden NFL 25.  If Vick’s ratings stay the same as in Madden 13, he’ll still have top-notch speed (89) but what sets him apart is his 93 rated Juke Move and the ability to put a foot in the dirt and make you miss in the open field.  In the new Chip Kelly offense there will be some spread formations allowing Vick to really flourish with quick reads and definitely some read plays in the shotgun formation.  The last thing you want to see is a play-action bootleg and Vick coming out the other side one-on-one with a linebacker having to make a stop.




4. Colin Kepernick – 49ers

Colin Kaepernick replaced an injured Alex Smith in the regular season and then led his 49ers to the Super Bowl behind his strong arm and his ability to extend a play and run down the field.  Kepernick doesn’t have that 1 attribute that jumps out at you and make him great in the open field, instead he has some nice numbers that will keep the chains moving on a critical 3rd down conversion.  He had 88 speed per the last updated rosters as well as a solid spin move (86), and juke move (88) to elude defenders down the field and with Frank Gore and the weapons he has a the WR position, seeing Kepernick run may be just one of the worries you have when facing the Niners.




 5.  EJ Manuel – Bills

That’s right the new rookie for the Buffalo Bills is the 5 most dangerous QB to utilize the new ‘Run Free’ system in Madden NFL 25.  EJ Manuel is big and is going to be a load to bring down similar to Cam Newton when he gets a full steam of momentum behind him.  At 6’5″ 240 I fully expect EJ Manuel to have a very decent truck and stiff arm.  EJ Manuel will be battling Kevin Kolb for the starting position in the NFL but for Madden I expect him to be the starter for whoever uses the Buffalo Bills in the game.


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About the Author

Shopmaster is a die-hard hardcore Madden Player. He also serves an EA SPORTS Game Changer that provides the community with help and information regarding Madden.

  • Casey Mosier

    What?!? No Brandon Weeden????? Lol just playing Shop… great job!!!!

  • GoMadden

    Gotta put Denard Robinson on this list if they actually let you use him at QB -_-

    • Shopmaster

      The list is for qbs that can throw. As much as I like Denard his throwing ratings are going to be terrible.

  • Steve

    Terrelle Pryor!

    • Daniel


      • Shopmaster

        Pryor can’t throw.

  • Daniel

    They put ej manuel head of russel willson and ej hasnt even played a game, thats a joke

    • Greek Pride

      Thats what Im saying…this dumbass list.

      • Shopmaster

        This is a Madden list, not a NFL list. Wilson’s ratings are sup par when it comes to running the ball. If this was an NFL list then yea Id take Wilson over EJ. EJ is a big guy and will be a load like Cam.

  • Mugshot Magoo

    Vick’s speed should be 94…he beat Shady McCoy !

  • Billsfan13

    Kap should be the fastest QB in the game. He might be the fastest player in the NFL. Did you not watch the sportsscience about him last year?

    • Jimmie Dee Thorne

      RGIII is world class sprinter. He would be in the Olympics had he chose that route. He is the fastest QB in the NFL. Plus RG3 ran a 4.41 forty and Kaep ran a 4.53.

  • michaelgabriel

    you guys could be wrong,no ones the fastest unless john parker wilsion might be from albama

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