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Published on April 29th, 2013 | by Shopmaster


Madden NFL 25 and Some of the Community’s Initial Concerns

With EA SPORTS releasing it’s first two playbooks for the Madden NFL 25 last week there have been a lot of community reaction to the things they have seen and read.  From the “Run Free” trailer to the Community impressions by those that have played Madden NFL 25 early at Community Days or recently at the EA SPORTS Season Opener, everyone has an opinion.

I guess I’ll start off by giving some insight on some of the things that people are saying from the different community sites out there.  I’ve been to them all, read all of the threads, all of the impression articles, all of the impression videos.  I’ve been to Madden Tips, Compete4ever, Madden School, OS, SportsGamer, TSO, Madden Students,  The Gamers Lab, Madden Gurus, Madden Daily, GoMadden, PastaPadre, the EA Forums, IGN, GameSpot, and some others as well as Facebook …. let’s just say I think I have a pretty good grasp of what the Community wants and is talking about.

As an EA SPORTS Game Changer my job isn’t to hype the game at all, but to give out as much information as I can, when I can.  It’s also to relay the concerns of the community to the developers that make the game.  While it may seem that I work for EA, I really work for the community at large. It may come off as I’m hyping the game but sometimes I get excited as any fan would, but I’ll also voice what I don’t like.  Now that I’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about what the Community is saying and the reactions from the fans.



Let’s first talk about the screenshots that we’ve all have seem. I’m hearing a lot of the following:

It looks just like Madden NFL 13


Looks like the same old Madden


They don’t even have the newest Nike cleats or gloves, same old options from Madden 06

Let’s face it, the Madden NFL franchise needs more work than just the graphics, but this seems to be the growing sentiment when it comes to how the game looks.  It is of my opinion, and I’ve talked about this extensively on Game Changers Radio, but I feel like the graphics are just maxed out.  I don’t think we’ll see any significant graphics upgrade until NexGen and even then it will probably in the next two years as the team gets used to what the NexGen consoles can handle and are more comfortable with programming for the next generations of consoles. If Madden NFL 25 goes to NexGen later this year, I don’t expect the graphics will be that much better.  I’m fine with that as long as I don’t get to the debacle of Madden 06 on the 360, we’ll save that for another article though.


Physics/Infinity Engine 2.0

Force Impact System

As I said in my other article, I haven’t played the new Physics Engine with the new “Force Impact” system yet, but I understand the comments I’m seeing about it.

Why is every hit like someone lifting every player off their feet?


I bet you that size and weight doesn’t factor into this BS …. look at how guys are flying off their feet … guys don’t do that all of the time


I just hate that wwe style fall back on impact looks so forced & fake


There are tons more just like these and I understand where the community is coming from.  The footage of the “Force Impact” system is just overdone.  The thing I will say about those videos, is that they are not a realistic look at how gameplay is.  I would in fact tell guys that trailers are made to emphasize a point and most are grossly overdone to prove that point.  So no, you will not see guys doing that all game.  Will it happen sometimes, yes, but I’m almost sure that any footage you are seeing in other videos are just over done by EA to show the Media, the Community, and whoever else is watching how impactful those hits are.  I’m not trying to defend EA here, but I don’t want people making conclusions on just the trailer.  Again, I haven’t played a build with that in there, but I hope to soon and if it is overdone, then I will let you know and them as well to finely tune it before release.  I really don’t even know why they call it a Gameplay trailer, because it’s often not indicative of what gameplay looks like even at that time. Sometimes they put these things on rookie, or bump someones rating up to cause a certain effect more times than it should to cut down on how many times they have to shoot these things to get the desired results.


Foot Planting

Foot planting has always been a concern for Madden fans, especially when you factor in that 2K had some of the best looking foot planting in a football game … and that was 7 years ago.  Now I don’t profess to be a 2K fan, just pointing out the obvious in this case, so don’t go hollering to me about how good or bad that game was or was not, that’s not the point here.  The point here is that EA needs to sort of nail this one on the head right now, right in this version.  If you are going to put foot planting as a selling point on the back of the box, in interviews with the media, in your blogs to the hardcore masses out there, then you better get it right. Now I’m no expert on the intricate details of foot planting, I leave that to my fellow Game Changers from the SIM STANDARD (follow them on twitter @SimFBCritic,  @SmittyD1981, and @AzureEffect ) who have been preaching authentic foot planting for a while.  They will be more than happy to tell you what they are looking for.  All I know is last year it was not in there and although it looks better this year, some fans are worried that they won’t get it right.  Like I said, I think it’s important that they nail this thing this year so there won’t be an overhaul going into nexgen. 


Heat Seeker Tackling

[sws_pullquote_right] “The big thing on defense is we wanted to give people the opportunity to have a counter to all of these new ball carrier moves and we’ve done that with this concept called ‘Heat Seeker’ tackling. Where you decide what tackle you use and the game sort of steers you in to the intersection point of the ball carrier …” – Rex Dickson, Creative Director; Madden NFL 25 [/sws_pullquote_right] I’m hearing a lot of rumble about the “Heat Seeker” tackling mechanism in Madden NFL 25.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s a defensive assist to tackling.  Let me give you the exact quote from Creative Director Rex Dickson in an interview talking about the ‘Heat Seeker’ tackling.  Rex stated “The big thing on defense is we wanted to give people the opportunity to have a counter to all of these new ball carrier moves and we’ve done that with this concept called ‘Heat Seeker’ tackling.  Where you decide what tackle you use and the game sort of steers you in to the intersection point of the ball carrier …”  I can’t speak to everyone but I can see where some are skeptical about this concept.  The questions are “What are the risk/reward to this ‘Heat Seeker’ tackling?” and “Will this be overpowered just like the ballhawk was in Madden NFL 13?”.  This is a legit concern of the Madden Community right now. The “Ball Hawk” feature got a bad rep in Madden NFL 13 because it was made so that anyone could use it and any player was effective using it, I’m hoping this ‘Heat Seeker’ is not on that same level. 

Bottom line with the Community is that many are skeptical and I can’t argue with them.  Many love the game, but feel as if EA is not getting better, while some feel they are getting better but not fast enough.  While many like the fact that Physics/Infinity Engine 2.0 is a lot more mature than last year, that the running game is getting much needed attention, and that the defense is not totally getting over looked in Madden NFL 25, they want to see proof.  As a lot of fans have stated, “It all looks good on paper, but I’m skeptical if EA can pull this off ….”   It’s still early, very early to put a judgment on a game before it’s even near release but at this point speculations are running rampant. I know this is not all of the Community’s Concerns but just some of the things I’m hearing from the 1st week of news.

I’m about to email Rex with some questions about some of the things that the Community is asking questions about and if you have any for me to add, please leave a comment below.  The email will go out in the next couple of days before Playbook 3 is revealed about Connected Franchise.

If you have any feedback to anything, please be sure to comment and give me your thoughts about what you’ve seen in the trailers, screenshots, and articles.

Also be sure to check out the Madden NFL 25 News and Information Central with all of the news from around the web and updated daily.

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About the Author

Shopmaster is a die-hard hardcore Madden Player. He also serves an EA SPORTS Game Changer that provides the community with help and information regarding Madden.

  • P.T.

    good story . it is hard for many to trust the things they hear from EA indeed. Its def a more ill believe it when i can play it mindset anymore , a mindset that was brought on by EA itself thru their actions and or lack of actions. i agree , graphics are prob maxed out for this generation system. The force impact will be tweeked before release im sure. I know some dont like the ball hawk feature, but really i think it works well if you jsut adjust the pass int slider down to about 30-35. that way defenders will drop an average amount of passes they get their hands on . But if just left alone,with normal slider setting , yes its a but much then. However if people recall in madden 12, people could rocket catch all day and the defense had no way to really defend it . so it was needed in my opinion. The slider just needs to be adjusted.The heat seeker could be good , could be bad, only us playing the game will tell. Sure would like an early copy of the game to give them some feedback ………….

    • Shopmaster

      I agree. An early copy is too late for feedback to get in though. I understand the skepticism as well, not surprised.

  • P.T.

    one question i have is , are they still going to have the “ccm ” website or something like it for online leagues? maybe called CF website or something, but they have had a website for online leagues with stats and all for a while , but havent heard any mention of it. wondering if they plan to keep that going?

    • Shopmaster

      I can’t comment on any league website until that information is revealed or they give me the red light.

  • Jpdavis1982

    Great article Shop, I look forward to reading your impressions and hearing what Rex has to say in reply to what you share with him from the community.

    • Shopmaster

      Me too.

  • TreFacTor

    I know the hit stick/ run free video was overdone, but it didn’t concern ANYONE that out of the 8 shots displayed, 7 players on the losing end of those hits landed on their right shoulder? What about the Darren McFadden run that displayed both of his feet clearly off the ground in a situation where he should have clearly fallen flat but continues to stumble and recover…these two instances scream predetermined outcomes because of those animations.

  • Mr. YouKnowWho

    EA has a new run feature, but has there been any emphasis on defense with respect to handling the run game with structured principles on defense in place. So is there:

    1) Primary Support/Force Player
    2) Cutback
    3) Secondary Support/Play Action Responsibility
    4) Spill Player
    5) Chase/Boot Action /Reverse

    Can you go into what they are doing IF they are doing anything on defense in reference to this or are they still going with run commit?

    • Shopmaster

      I personally hate run commit. As far as what they are doing on defense right now, there is supposed to be a risk reward with the modifiers, but we are still giving feedback on that because I feel right now that it’s not there as much as it should be. Hopefully, I’ll have some more answers for you but right now the running game is running wild and it needs to be tuned. Still early though in the development cycle.

  • jd

    I have an idea. Why don’t they link heatseaker and ballhawk features directly to awr, prc, and tackling ratings? Or even coverage? This would be amazing for CCM because it would eliminate a guy drafting a “user safety or linebacker” with super high speed and hit but no awr. This would make usering a guy with low awr or coverages or tackling a risk/reward! Boom.

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