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Official Website:

Game Description: The next version of the Madden NFL franchise has a new name and a new running mechanic to help you “Run Free” all day.

Cover Athlete: Barry Sanders

When does Madden NFL 25 come out? The release date for Madden 25 is August 27th, 2013. If you are a member of the EA SPORTS Season Ticket program, you can download the game on August 23rd.


Countdown to Madden NFL 25

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Available Consoles: X-Box 360 & Playstation 3



Pre-order Bonuses (Deals):



Demo Information: To be announced.



Announced Features and Improvements (PS3/360):

Gameplay (Infinity Engine 2, Run Free)

  • Players can now create specialized moves like stutter steps, precision jukes, combo moves, hurdles and more to reinvent the way they play Madden.
  • 30 ball-carrier moves open up gameplay possibilities. Use authentic hard cuts at 45, 90, 135 and 180 degrees to eliminate “swerve” running of the past.
  • The precision modifier offers a risk/reward opportunity, as utilizing it will consume stamina, and abuse could lead to tired players who make mistakes.
  • The Infinity Engine 2 brings more polished physics simulation with specific focus put on realistic tackle momentum, tackle wraps and post-play behaviors.
  • The new force impact system introduces another level of player control and power moves including the Hit Stick, Truck, dive tackle and stiff arms – all redesigned to harness the full potential of Infinity Engine 2.
  • The new stumble recovery mechanic allows players to regain their balance and renew their charge – maximizing the yardage they can gain before going down.
  • Timing is the key to success, and precision is rewarded.  Mistime a move and pay the price.
  • Blocking matchups have been rewritten by a former NFL offensive lineman to ensure the correct blocks are being made; also, new animations have been added for offensive linemen to ensure they’re getting to the right place at the right time.
  • ALL new visual stamina meter
  • Weight and Size matter in collisions
  • Defense gets into the action too in Madden NFL 25
  •  Play against defenses with all-new tackle pursuit angles and more authentic tackle “breakdown” behavior.  Defenders who get out of position can make a hard cut to recover and quickly get back into the action. Defenders can also attempt a lunge tackle when they’re about to be blocked and will attack based on the direction and speed of the ball carrier.
  • When lining up against a stacked offense, utilize heat-seeker tackling control and more accurate dive tackling to make the play.
  • Smart defenders can time their hits to when an ball carrier is attempted a precision-modified move, and successful tackles lead to an increased chance of a fumble



Connected Franchise (Owners Mode, CFM)

  • Take control of your franchise and manage all aspects of the day-to-day operation of your team. Create yourself as an owner or take on the persona of one of the NFL’s 32 current head honchos. Hire and fire personnel, set prices on everything from parking to concessions, manage stadium upgrades or even build a new one if your current facility just isn’t cutting it. Or, if you’d prefer a truly fresh start for your team, you can relocate your franchise to a new city and try to build a new fanbase from scratch
  • Expedite your path to stardom – The logic has been tuned to help you upgrade faster and get on the field sooner
  • Connected Franchise sports a brand new user interface that makes navigation a breeze.
  • Control all 32 teams and even play multiple users in the same household offline
  • Import NCAA 14 Draft Class
  • Transaction logs are back
  • Retuned logic for the draft, trades and free agency, which was another major topic of community discussion
  • This year, Randall Cunningham, Mike Ditka, William “Refrigerator” Perry and many more will be joining the ranks of the immortals
  • Several new members of the media who will follow your progress and heap praise or scorn upon you via social media
  • Start a league with a Fantasy Draft Before you start your Franchise, you can choose to throw every NFL player back into a pool and essentially restart the league
  • The ability to change your players’ positions. Move cornerbacks to wide receiver (or vice versa), transition your defensive end to linebacker and more. With Connected Franchise you’re able to truly build your roster, your way
  • Experience all-new branching Draft story lines brought to life by Trey Wingo AND Adam Schefter

Madden Share – Info coming June 24th

Madden Ultimate Team – Info coming July 1st

All 25 Team – Info coming July 8th


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Newest Madden 25 Videos

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