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Published on December 22nd, 2012 | by Shopmaster


5 Last Minute Gifts to Give the Gamer in Your Life this Holiday Season

The holiday season is among us and I was asked by my co-worker who is married to a gamer what she should buy him for Christmas.  I usually don’t get asked these questions, but since I’m a gamer I told her 5 things she should get him that would make him very happy.  I also talked about this on my latest podcast – Game Changers Radio – Show #82

#5. XBOX 360 Microsoft Points and PSN Cards ($20) – My first suggestion as a stocking stuffer is Microsoft Points and a PSN Card.  You can buy these at your local GameStop and they can used for buying games in the XBOX 360 Marketplace and the PSN store. There are many increments of these cards but what I suggest is buying a $20 Microsoft Card which is 1600 points or $20 PSN Card.  I told her that he probably could use them cause she mentioned he has both systems.






#4. The Walking Dead ($30) – The Walking Dead is not only a great series on TV but it is now the Game of the Year according to SPIKE TV and I have to agree.  I played this game and it was so great that I’m picked it up from Game Stop the other day.  You used to only get the Walking Dead by buying the Episodic DLC but now you can find all 5 episodes on 1 disc for $30.  He’ll also be impressed that you know it’s the Game of the Year.






#3. MadCatz – MLG Pro Circuit Controller (PS3 – $100 XBOX – $100) – The essential accessory for every gamer is his controller and some are very obsessed with their controller, even so much as naming them.  My controller is called Simone, she’s curvey, very smooth, fits my hand perfectly, and loves when I press her buttons. But I always didn’t have Simone and I went through many controllers until I found her.  And she is the MLG Pro Circuit Controller.  I suggest this controller to everyone, especially if you have two systems.  I never liked the PS3 controller and like the XBOX 360 one better and this controller for the PS3 feels and looks like the XBOX 360 and you can switch the setup to have the analog sticks like the one on the 360. Go get it for your gamer!



#2 Turtle Beach Ear Force X12 – ($50 X32 (wireless) – $80) – The two things a gamer goes through the most are controllers (which I suggested a good one above) and headsets. There are no better headsets than the Turtle Beach Ear Force. Now I have the X32 which are wireless and the sound is so clear but I’ve heard on good authority that the X12 which is wired are very clear as well.  These are your ordinary headsets either as you can have all the sound come through the headphones, which if your wife is constantly yelling that your TV is too loud, is a major plus.






#1 Elgato Capture HD ($159) – This is by far my #1 gift to Gamers this Christmas season.  Every gamer wishes that they could record their action, weather they are playing Madden, COD, or even Borderlands 2; they would love to revisit what they did the night before.  The Elgato Game Capture HD is a powerful little device that can do a number of things.  Here are some of the feature that this device does:

1. It records your game

2. It can stream to Twitch without any extra software than the one that comes with it.

3. You can also do live commentary and adjust the volume of your game for a better finished product

4. Trim, Cut and edit your video before you push it to YouTube, Twitter, Email, Facebook, iPad, or your favorite video editor like Final Cut Pro or iMovie.

I ordered my Game Capture HD from Amaon, but I did see one at my local Apple Store, so you may be able to find it there.



So there it is 5 gifts that you can probably go pickup this weekend to satisfy any gamer.  I also have to mention the Gaems G155 which is a self-contained mobile gaming environment, it lets you stay in the action when you’re on the move. Just strap in your gaming console, store your accessories, select the game, and you’re good to go. With a built in Monitor this may be the best gift ever for that gamer that’s always on travel. You can find it at Walmart – Walmart.com



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