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Published on November 29th, 2012 | by Shopmaster


Madden 13 Title Update #4 Does Not Fix Major Bugs

Today; Thursday November 29th, Madden NFL 13 will be receiving it’s 4th Title Update since the game came out in September.  There have been numerous bugs fixed in the previous updates but as all Madden 13 fans know there are still some that need to be addressed and this latest update does nothing to fix some of the most talked about bugs in the Madden Community.  It’s a shame too because the Madden Community is going to be real upset over this latest update.  I myself am very, very disappointed, shocked, and a little disgusted by this Title Update that does nothing but fuel the fire for those who are now turning against this Madden Development team which was revered earlier this year as turning this franchise around.

Here is a portion of the article found on Joystiq.com outlining the details of the title update:

The fourth title update for Madden NFL 13 is scheduled to go live November 29, and includes a few new features for Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). The ability to set multiple lineups for your MUT squad highlights the list of changes. Players will now be able to save up to five different lineups.

These Madden 13title update bug fixes are the same across Xbox 360 and PS3:

  • Fixed bug where Connected Careers panel in main menu is blank
  • Fixed exploit in Madden Ultimate Team Solo Challenges where players were using frozen kick meter to run out the clock
  • Fixed issue in Panthers playbook where Shotgun formation was properly displaying
  • Fixed squib kick exploit
  • Fixed exploit that allowed MLB to get instant pressure when in a specific position with a specific coverage called
  • Fixed bug when reviewing a friend’s depth chart in Madden Ultimate Team
  • Fixed erroneous screen telling Madden Ultimate Team players EA servers were unavailable when an opponent signed out before progressing to the loading screen
  • Fixed issue where replaying completed Solo Challenges in Madden Ultimate Team consumed contracts
  • Fixed issue where Connected Careers offline depth chart would reset after each game when player used imported My Madden roster
  • Fixed issue where users could not save edits to existing NFL players whose names were flagged as profane.
  • Fixed exploit where Madden Ultimate Team users who were kicked out a match for grieving were still granted 800 coins
  • Fixed a menu display bug in Madden Ultimate Team matchmaking screen

Now I know that a lot of people like MUT but this really isn’t an update to fix bugs, it’s seems it more about providing more features for Madden Ultimate Team Mode.  In the Joystiq.com article an EA rep was quoted as saying this:

“What we’re really striving for is aiming these title updates not just at bug fixes, but adding brand-new content so people feel like they’re constantly getting a new game experience,”

I’m not quite sure this is really accurate.  The only new content that they provide are for MUT. Every week there are new collection of cards for MUT and that has some fans saying that EA only cares about the money.  Now some will say, well they added Fantasy Draft and Player Editing and that’s all good, but that’s not brand-new content.  That’s adding something that should have been added from the beginning and something that we had last year.

The article also mentioned that there is another announcement set to be released later this week and I’m hoping, just hoping that EA at least acknowledges the bugs that are still out there.  I really think that’s where a lot of the anguish and hatred comes from.  I try to pass on as much information as I can to everyone, but people want to hear it form EA themselves, they want to know that EA knows about the problems and I know EA doesn’t make any statements but this would go a long ways in the Madden Community.

Two of the bugs that are highly discussed in the Madden Community is the inability to press and jam a WR on the left side of the field (PS3 only) and the Salary Cap glitch in CCM where some people end up being 1 billion over the cap.  Those are a huge topics and I don’t think there has been any kind of EA SPORTS statement saying that they are aware and are working on fixing those issues.  I know they know and I know they are looking into it but that’s because I talked to people at EA but I really feel they need to come out and say something to the Community itself.

EA SPORTS with this latest update is doing nothing to get away from the “in it for the money” mentality that some fans have been accusing EA SPORTS for some time especially when they are getting so much money from their Madden Ultimate Team transaction. I believe that this Madden Development team is going in the right direction but even I myself feels a little frustration that things like the Jaming on the PS3 and the Salary Cap bug is not being fixed but time is being put on MUT new features. 

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About the Author

Shopmaster is a die-hard hardcore Madden Player. He also serves an EA SPORTS Game Changer that provides the community with help and information regarding Madden.

  • kcirtap

    it would be nice to be able to save highlights from an online ccm. any reason why that option is missing? it doesnt appear it will be patched for 13.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hossmail Ryan Hoss

    Is there a fix for negative 1 billion dollars salary cap in offline career mode?

    • Shopmaster

      No, I think the last patch only fixed it for online CCMs.

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