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Published on November 22nd, 2012 | by Shopmaster


Top 5 Madden Things To Do On Thanksgiving Day

I love Thanksgiving Day, it’s a time to get up with family, eat well, and watch some football.  If your family is anything like my family then you know that family just doesn’t come over for Thanksgiving Dinner, they are there all day and get to your place early.  So while your waiting for the games to come on here are 5 things you can do with Madden to pass the time away:

5. Catch up on CCM Tasks: If you get up early because the wifey wants you to straighten up a little before family arrives take time to catch up on your CCM after you are done before family arrives. Do your practices, negotiate contracts, progress your players and do some scouting. 




4. Show off Madden: You should take this time to show some of the family members that used to play Madden how far it has come since they played it.  My Uncle George hasn’t played Madden since it still had the windows with the receivers in it to throw to.  I suggest while your waiting on family to arrive to just have it on the big screen perferrably the Texans at the Lions; which is the first NFL game of the day, to see if they think it’s the real game.

3.  Let the Kids Play: The women are in the kitchen and the kids are running rampant around the house, getting yelled at, and are looking for something to do.  Keep the kids busy by letting them play each other.  Shop Jr. likes to take this time to play his cousins and whoop up on them.  This will keep the kids busy until it’s time for that first game.

2. Practice: This is a great time to practice or perfect your scheme, look at some different playbooks and plays. Time flies when you are looking at new playbooks and start by looking at books that are not commonly used.  Everyone uses CAR, HOU, KC, and PIT … let’s look at some playbooks that no one uses.

1. Defend Your Throne: I don’t care who you are, someone is going to challenge you when they come to your house.  Everyone thinks they are the best Madden player they know and before the NFL games start it’s your chance to show your cousins, uncles, or family boyfriends that this is your throne.  If you have a couple of people that want to play, make a Turkey Bowl Tournament.

So there you go, 5 things to do with Madden to entertain family, friends, and others until that first game comes on.  Since I’m here, here are the Madden NFL 13 Thanksgiving Day Sim results. 

Texans @ Lions – Texans win 28-24

Redskins @ Cowboys – Cowboys win 35-17

Patriots @ Jets – Pats win 28-13

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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    6. Try to play in your online CCM and remember: “OH SHIT! I HAVE THE SALARY CAP GLITCH! THIS LEAGUE IS NOW POINTLESS. AWESOM!”

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