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Published on October 4th, 2012 | by Shopmaster


Madden NFL 13 Title Update #3 Packs a Punch

We’ve heard all of the complaints about Madden NFL 13, mostly about features that were removed, and EA SPORTS seems to have heard them and addressed them in the next Madden 13 Title Update.  Everything from the ability to edit players in Connected Careers to the addition of better commentary logic. EA SPORTS Developer; Josh Looman, posted a blog about the update and the new things that will be implemented around October 16th. 

  Let’s just jump into the new fixes, tweaks, and features for this update:

Custom Rosters Offline: Added the ability to start an offline career with a custom roster.

Connected Careers Edit Player: Added the ability to edit gear and information for players in a league.

Coach Mode in Connected Careers: Added the ability to use coach mode in Connected Careers.

Changing Schemes in Connected Careers: Added the ability to change offensive and defensive schemes as a coach.

Offline Play Along in Connected Careers: Added the ability for multiple people to join a CCM game. This applies to coaches only.

Draft Clock: Added a draft clock during the draft that is displayed on screen if you leave the draft interface to view rosters, depth charts, etc.

Draft Filter: Added a filter to the draft screen to display players that have been drafted.

Connected Careers Practice XP: Added the ability for user controlled players to earn extra XP in practice mode through the stats they accumulate.


Gameplay Tuning:

– Fixed an issue where WRs were dropping too many passes when playing on All Madden difficulty setting.

– Fixed an issue where it was too easy to time the kick meter on FGs and PATs in user vs. user games.

– Fixed an issue where punt returners were moving away from the landing spot if you called a fair catch while letting the CPU control the player.

– Fixed an issue where someone who attempted to bull rush with the R stick once the ball was snapped activated run commit.


– Added over a dozen logic fixes to make our commentary more intelligent.


– Fixed an issue where specific offensive player celebrations were not triggering.

– Fixed an issue where the referee was backwards when calling a penalty.

– Fixed an issue with the Giants away uniforms (missing a sleeve stripe).

Connected Careers:

– Fixed an issue where Offline Gameplay AI/Logic did not match the logic in Play Now.

– Fixed an issue where playing the game on All-Madden is too easy.

– Fixed an issue where changing the camera setting in CCM game works for single player.

– Fixed an issue where League Sliders had limited impact on difficulty.

– Fixed an issue where the Accelerated Clock did not function in an online CCM game when the option was set to On.

– Fixed an issue where you could not turn on/off GameFlow in CCM.

– Fixed an issue where you were unable to sign Free Agents during the season.

– Fixed an issue where ‘Starting a League’ would reset Player Schemes.

– Fixed an issue where after declining a trade offer, you are no longer able to accept or decline another offer.

– Fixed an issue where you could exploit supersim to run the game clock indefinitely.

– Fixed some spelling and polish issues in the News and Twitter.

– Fixed an issue where a coach could make a contract offer to a user controlled player.

– Fixed an issue where you are forced to select a throwing style for a created player that is not a QB.

– Fixed an issue where turning Auto-Start to off does not save week to week.

– Fixed an issue where you can see rookie overall ratings by accessing the player card of the prospect through Team Needs.

– Fixed an issue where changing Auto-Sub Frequency does not change the correct data.

– Fixed an issue where the profanity filter was preventing offline players from typing in their names.

– Fixed an issue where you can draft a player and then trade down while the draft is paused. The issue resulted in the user keeping both the traded picks and drafted player.


– Fixed numerous crashes.

– Fixed an issue with the in-game pause menu disappearing.

Madden Ultimate Team:

– Changed the Packs button to Store Button.

– Condensed Leaderboards and Help menus.

– Implemented the ability to view videos from the hub.

– Implemented Store Panel Changes.

– Moved Auctions/Trades to a separate menu option.

– Fixed several Solo Challenge exploits


– Fixed an issue where the Hail Mary formation in a custom playbook had a blank play that resulted in a broken formation and invisible players if selected.


Shopmaster’s thoughts:

Wow. I have to be honest here, I never thought they would add, not fix, but add a lot of functionality that people have been asking for.  The big one of course is the ability to edit players but another feature that I think will be a big hit is the ability for multiple people to join an offline CCM.  That’s big. If you go to the CCM FAQs here on MMP that is the most complained about feature that has been removed.  The other big one is the ability to use custom rosters in your offline CCM.  Now you can create, trade, and put together the roster you want and then use that roster in CCM.  The other thing you probably need to understand is that these updates probably will not affect CCMs that have already started.

Overall this is a huge title update in my opinion.  With that said, there are still some work to do with this version and most of that is gameplay related but we’ll save that for another entry.

So what do you think about this title update?  Be sure to join us on Game Changers Radio this Tuesday at 9pm est. as we’ll be talking about this.


I just got confirmation from EA SPORTS that these updates to CCM will be effective for current leagues except for the using custom rosters of course.  So now people will be able to update the gear on all their players.  This should get interesting. 

Someone asked me on twitter if you could change names, so you will not be able to update names on current CCM’s but since you can upload custom rosters you can always update names and then upload them.


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About the Author

Shopmaster is a die-hard hardcore Madden Player. He also serves an EA SPORTS Game Changer that provides the community with help and information regarding Madden.

  • Mitchel

    What about Recent Transactions screen being added?

    • Shopmaster

      I don’t think that will be added this year.

  • dvzwrld

    Have a huge issue for online CCM 3 of us in the league two of us have a salary cap error saying we are $-1341.96M so unable to resign any players or sign free agents at end of year but in team salaries i have $63.73M cap space available

  • Marvis Hood III

    How do you change your scheme in the CCM?

    • Shopmaster

      Just heard from EA SPORTS that scheme was not included and it will be included in a server side patch later this week.

  • Mistery

    Why when using a custom roster on CCM does it bring through a different depth chart?, suddenly Jon Condo is no longer an option as LS

  • crazy cracka

    what does allow multiple peaple to join a ccm game mean????
    does it mean 2 or users offline?

  • HELP

    why cant i put an updated roster on my CCM?! it is really making me mad having to use the opening day rosters.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joshua-Leo-Outland/617195699 Joshua Leo Outland

      That’s been fixed recently. Now you can but you have to watch out for salary cap.

  • Costello

    Now that you can change schemes, how come uyou can not edit a player to fit your scheme e.i. I turn the Colts back into a Tampa 2 but I can turn Dwight Freeney back into a Defensive end. They only allow me to move him to LOLB.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000474800649 Drew Arne

    how come in edit player you cant edit anything important basically you can only edit his apperance

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joshua-Leo-Outland/617195699 Joshua Leo Outland

      Because that would be overkill. You can edit player’s stats in “manage rosters” and when you start a new CCM you click on “Import My Madden Roster”

  • Big D

    Ive seen it speculated from a few different
    places, but have yet to have gotten a solid answer yes or no from a
    legit source. But in CCM games, when you try to use pass commit, the
    word PASS does not light up yellow. In CCM practices, it lights up
    yellow, but in CCM games it does not. So if any EA guys can answer this
    for sure, is the PASS commit feature activated in CCM games or not? And
    if so, why does it not light up yellow?

  • ItsMe308

    I play as the Skins but I hate the 3-4. Are you able to move positions? For example, can you move Orakpo to DE instead of LB with this patch?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Joshua-Leo-Outland/617195699 Joshua Leo Outland

      I moved Armanti Edwards from WR to QB, so yes you can.

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