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Published on September 13th, 2012 | by Shopmaster


Madden NFL 13 Tips and Strategies: Attacking Zones

In this video I pretty much continue from where the last video ended.  Talking about Curl-Flats and other ways you can attack zone coverage.  I show you a “Level Concept” that you can use to free up deeper receivers down the field.


1. Lab, Lab, Lab

2. If you see LBs back peddling it means more than likely they are in Zone.

3. Use the Level Concept to draw defenders away from the middle of the field.


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Shopmaster is a die-hard hardcore Madden Player. He also serves an EA SPORTS Game Changer that provides the community with help and information regarding Madden.

5 Responses to Madden NFL 13 Tips and Strategies: Attacking Zones

  1. Cage says:

    Hey Shopmaster, can you confirm if defensive commit is in this years madden

  2. Cage says:

    Thanks…..not to be a nuisance but if this is a new feature this year that wasn’t included….why doesn’t EA advertise it being in the game or even give a hint to it in the manual

  3. Mike says:

    Nice tips, thanks for sharing.

  4. David A says:

    Hi, I am great on offense but not so good on defense; can you explain some of the defense to me so I can improve

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