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Published on June 18th, 2012 | by Shopmaster


Fantasy Draft and Player Editing Left Out of Madden NFL 13 Has Fans in a Funk

The new Infinity Engine and Connected Careers were big announcements at E3 in LA for Madden NFL 13, but it’s what’s not in Madden NFL 13 that has fans somewhat skeptical and shouting from the hilltops about their disappointment.  On various Madden NFL 13 forums including EA SPORTS’ own Madden forum fans are really upset with the exclusion of Fantasy Draft, Player Editing for Connected Careers, and NCAA Class Imports.

I have personally received a lot of nasty comments and backlash as if I made that decision to take those things out.  Just to go on the record again.  When I heard they were removing Fantasy Draft and NCAA Imports early in the year I was upset.  I also told EA the Community would be upset also.  They made the decision anyways stating they didn’t have enough time to get them in and done right.  Now while that decision may not affect many it does upset those who spend their time updating rosters and draft classes.  I feel their pain.  It was just a year ago today that I felt the same way when nothing was done with online franchise in NFL 12.  So for those fans that don’t understand what all the fuss is about, I’m going to do my best to explain.


Let’s start with No Fantasy Draft in Madden NFL 13.  With no Fantasy Draft, some think that online franchises are not going to flourish or be successful because no one is going to want to be the Colts or some other low rated teams. I have to admit, I loved Madden Online Fantasy Drafts last year, but the reality for me is that the most successful 32 man franchises that I was a part of were the ones with stock rosters.  I’m not sure if it was because people didn’t know how to draft and left the league right after the draft or that people didn’t want to take over a team that they didn’t build.  I participated in 4 leagues that had 30-32 people drafting and by week 2 that number on average dropped down to 20-23 and only 3 finished the season with more than 15 people still playing.  Maybe that’s just me, but I see No Fantasy Draft as something that’s low on priority of the features that didn’t make it in Madden NFL 13.  Me seeing it as a low priority doesn’t mean I don’t think it should be put in Madden NFL 14, because I do but the push to put it in Madden NFL 13 as a patch is a little dangerous. Fantasy Draft would be a big integration in the current Connected Career Mode as it is now.  Here are some things that we should think about before we start pushing for this.  How will future picks already in the system work? Will Redskins still not have those draft picks? How will the salary cap work, on the go calculation? The draft that’s in depth with Trey Wingo, it would have to be a stripped down version of what it is now in CC. I’m not saying that these things can’t be done, but I’d much rather the dev team to work out the kinks in Connected Careers and with Physics than to get this in the game right away.  I may be of the minority in that respects but that’s just my opinion.  Would you rather them do everything they can to get Fantasy Draft in the game and neglect other aspects of the game that need tweaking like Physics?

The number 1 issue from the fans that I’ve been talking with is that player editing is the real big feature missing. I have to admit that I’m not a ‘Player Editing’ user and can’t relate but I can tell you it sucks for those who are.  Players that use Player Editing seem to be mostly offline franchise users who use to edit their offline franchises.  So you can’t change a player’s position, a players jersey number, equipment, and more importantly it seems you can’t change ratings.  Like I said this is more of an offline issue, because you used to could do those things last year.  I think that’s why there is soo much opposition, because it’s not like things were not added; things were taken away.  Now while I understand the complexity of allowing people to edit ratings that the devs have concern about, but editing uniforms, facemasks, socks, and even numbers shouldn’t be as complex.  I of course am not a Dev and do not have any insight on that process.  Maybe it’s the whole editing feature.  If you think about it editing a player allows you to do a number of things and maybe it’s just not as simple to take away rating editing and position editing than we are thinking.  Another misconception is that you can’t edit any players and you can, you just can’t take that edited roster and start a Connected Career with it.  So you can edit a player and play in a ‘Play Now’ but who wants to do that …. no one. 

This whole thing is really taking away from the really cool thing that has been put in Connected Careers.  As an online franchise player I’m very happy, because I get a lot of the things I’ve been asking about like salary cap, draft pick trades, practice mode in franchise, deep storylines, and more.  

No matter whether these exclusions affect you or not there is no denying that this is a big topic in the Madden Community and one that will not be going away anytime soon.

If you want to sound off and join an effort to get Fantasy Draft and Player Editing, then please join the EA SPORTS Game Changers Idea page and vote for your favorite ideas. You can get to that by clicking here.


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About the Author

Shopmaster is a die-hard hardcore Madden Player. He also serves an EA SPORTS Game Changer that provides the community with help and information regarding Madden.

  • threesteveseven

    I’m with ya Shop in the parts about priority.. I am glad they worked on physics etc..but from someone who belongs to a full 32 human controlled online franchise dynasty with complete custom rosters I feel a little pain. We will still be able to create our custom rosters by add/drop but this is going to be more painful than in previous years… this is our 10th year btw so customer roster full franchise’s do exist and flourish. I am 100% glad and anxious about what EA is going to offer us this year but I wish they woulda got this piece implemented in time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/zack.ortiz.5 Zack Ortiz

    I’m would be excited for this game. But…. I always draft and this really pisses me off. Another game I’m not buying!

  • http://twitter.com/alexgritz Alex Gritzmacher

    I’m still buying the game, but not being able to edit players really takes away the feeling of being in control of a team. I just hope they can work on patching this in. They said they ran out of time, but they’re still working on the game, and can work on a patch for the next 2 months if that’s really needed, but they have to get this back in the game. Fantasy draft can wait until next year as long as they get the Player Editor with the ability to edit numbers and equipment in CCM this year.

    • http://twitter.com/Relli843 Relli843

      there is no way they will patch that in.. its tooo much for them to do.. look for it next year.. what ppl have to realize is that with the MAJOR changes they made it is impossible to do EVERYTHING over the course of one year to make EVERYONE happy… they have a whole new development team and i feel like they listened more this year then any other year

      • http://twitter.com/alexgritz Alex Gritzmacher

        I agree with you on the point that they listened to what the fans wanted. But I still think from the time they announced that the player editor wouldn’t be in, to release, they had about 2 1/2 months to start working on a patch for it. If they can’t do that in 2 1/2+ months, then why would anybody think they can get it in at all? That is a long time to set one guy to work on something that has already been in the game. I won’t be completely distraught if it’s not put in, but I will be disappointed. I really like being able to edit the way my players look.

      • Guest

        Uhh.. here’s the reason it was left out.

        “With Connected Careers, we created a fully-connected career experience from the ground up that features deep gameplay progression, dynamic storylines and social integration. We wanted to ensure that every aspect of this new universe delivers an unprecedented career experience for our fans. Unfortunately, in this first year, we could not include Fantasy Draft and maintain the high level of quality that we demand for this feature.”

        So the twitter garbage trumps offline fantasy draft? EA dropped the ball. I no longer buy games opening day (PS3 Skyrim taught me that). I feel bad for the peeps who bought this not knowing. I will not buy Madden unless this is brought back. FYI I have bought Madden every year since 05 : (

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.c.wallace.7 Ryan Craig Wallace

    I really need player editing, I love being in control of the entire league etc. If I take over a team and switch to a 3-4 I need to be able to change a player to an OLB I.E Mario Williams. I also like to be able to edit rookies. The worst part is not having import NCAA Drafts that’s one of my favorite features. I don’t like RPG’s although I did think Franchise mode needed improvements but I hate xp in all games.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dexter.manning.1 Dexter Manning

    i dont care about player editing, but no fantasy draft? WTF EA!!

  • L

    EA loves to make DLCs, maybe they will make them non-free DLC’s and angry people more

  • Cdub235

    Won’t be buying Madden this year without a fantasy draft. Another example of how 2K is way better than EA

    • IHaveAn0pinion

      Except for that undeniable fact that EA is better than 2K, hence ALL the madden games. Tell me, what was the 2K Franchise doing with football for the past, I don’t know, 10 years?



  • Mrhale

    No fantasy draft!!!! What

  • yo mama

    I use the player editing because sometimes they have players at the wrong position, ie a fullback at a tight end position when his rating would be much better had he stayed at fullback. Also some linebackers make good defensive ends. And while you can adjust the depth chart accordingly, you have to maintain the minimum roster spots needed at all positions. Also no fantasy draft is a bad idea. I like building a custom team from scratch, and there are way too many horrible teams that nobody outside their city would ever start a career with.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scott.bluntz.5 Scott Bluntz

    this game sucks d….no fantasy draft? wait till next year when theres no ball…

  • Disappointed

    As a person who is always picking a team and having a fantasy draft, this is a huge disappointment. I think this is going to be a huge letdown for people who are going to buy the game thinking that it is in there since most review websites like IGN.com do not comment at all on the lack of a fantasy draft. Expect a backlash from fans on this. Connected career is not as fun as they talk it up to be expecially without a draft and edit option. And why do i have to be the coach and not just the GM and play. I don’t want to replace my coach just so i can play both sides of the ball. Some people are fans of the coach as well as the players and team.

    • duh

      use active coach u can use that n pick the coach on the team

  • jw123

    I kinda wanna go return this garbage

  • Angry Madden fan

    Didnt do as much homework as i should have before buying Madden 13 (didnt think i’d have to).
    I have been hit hard with the realization that they chose not to put fantasy draft in the game. WTF!!! i just spent 60 bucks and they leave out the 1 feature that makes this game great, and what i look forward to every year when purchasing their product. BIG SCREW UP EA!! I want to go return this game now. Seriously have lost me as a fan and annual customer. 2k sports should capitalize off of EA’s shortcomings and put out a game with fantasy draft, I’d gladly buy it over this.

    • Shopmaster

      What’s stopping you from returning the game? I miss Fantasy Draft, but it’s not the reason I buy Madden. I feel bad for guys who’s that’s the only reason they buy Madden is to do a Fantasy Draft, it’s completely ruined for those guys. I suggest trading in that game, go buy AP2K8 and do a fantasy draft … hold on, can you do Fantasy Draft in AP2K8?

  • jim

    no fantasy draft wtf is going on wit this game!!!!

  • Confused

    I don’t think I would have purchased the game if I knew the Fantasy Draft was taken out. That was a twist that made season mode awesome!

  • pissed of madden fan

    this is f***** stupid. why would put no fatasy draft in here. pisses me off

  • LVCapo

    Didnt know there was no Franchise Mode….Typically, greedy EA takes something thats great and completely f()cks it up.
    You’ve lost me Madden, I’ll never buy another game with the EA logo on it. You can stick that stupid mode with the player cards and buying stuff straight up your a$$

    • IHaveAn0pinion

      Franchise mode is in, Fantasy Draft isn’t. Learn to Read.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.mehus Jordan Mehus

        its not franchise mode anymore its a coachs career dumbass it looks your the one that cant read LVcapo hit the nail on the head SCREW EA!!!

        • IHaveAn0pinion

          Right, that’s why almost all the same options for Franchise is in COACH MODE. The PLAYER mode is their take on the old Superstar gameplay.

    • Rick


  • Thissssssuks

    I am very dissapointed In madden for no franchises put it in.

    • IHaveAn0pinion

      There is a franchise mode, learn to read

      • http://www.facebook.com/jordan.mehus Jordan Mehus

        its called connected career and its coaches mode so its not franchise mode so i think you should learn to read

        • Shopmaster

          It is Franchise Mode, it’s just called something different. Have you even played?

          • IHaveAn0pinion

            The biggest deal should be them taking away the ability to modify players. I never used it to increase my players ratings, I just used it to switch players positions, which I think is a pretty common occurence considering the way they give their players positions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.ducas Joshua Ducas

    This is Bull Should of took last years game added the physics and put the xp as optional offline and u would have a perfect game. Right now it takes me longer to complete a practice vs team unknown then it does a real team just for a little bit of xp so i can hopefully make a better team in the long run. Thats why editing players should come into effect so people like me who could care less about practices and just editing players to users liking.

  • life long madden fan

    i wish i could return the game. i didnt even think about looking up if fantasy draft would be on here. my friends and i play offline franchise and draft our teams. there are 3 of us so when ones team is up then we the other two play him we have done it since the first year they had fantasy draft. the game is now ruined for us. we cant play our multiplayer franchise mode because even that was cut. so no draft and no multiplayer franchise. this game sucks. might be the last madden i buy.

    • http://twitter.com/NOTH1NGisTRUTH Houston Mercier

      Same here bro, the offline franchise is the main reason I love Madden. Screw EA

  • Pissed off

    Im literally going to return madden 13 now… Only reason I buy the game is for offline fantasy draft.. Not being able to edit players isnt as big of a deal buts thats another HUGE feature for me… Ive never been more disapointed with madden in my life

    • http://twitter.com/NOTH1NGisTRUTH Houston Mercier

      If you haven’t already, don’t open it. If you have, you might get screwed.

  • http://twitter.com/NOTH1NGisTRUTH Houston Mercier

    I took for granted the fact that EA wouldn’t ruin my favorite part of Madden. None of the reviews I read made note that there is no longer an option to do a fantasy draft. Of course, after buying the game at midnight to come home and do a draft I realize there isn’t. And of course, when I go to return the game I am told I can replace it for a different game but can’t get a refund because it is open.

    Nobody in their right mind gives a damn about the Ultimate Challenge card bullshit.

    Either make the necessary changes or give me my 60 bucks back. I’ll gladly send this worthless game first class to EA HQ with a note saying “Suck it” and a picture of my junk.

    • Wtf.com

      Amen 2 this raging over here feel like frisby n this game down street

  • FAWK EA Sports

    Fuck EA…wasted $65 on a game I thought was going to lighten up my day but at the end I was pissed off as hell…going to go refund my money back tomorrow if not I’mma just trade it in at gamestop rather than keeping this shit. 2k…please come back soon because this is the last time I’m going to purchase a shitty EA games. Come back and kick EA out of BUSINESS.

  • Rokchwer

    sigh…you gotta be kidding me. Fantasy draft offline franchise is the only mode i play.. what a frickin waste of 60 bucks. CC is not the same as franchise mode was. This is totally the suck..come on EA.you guys are damn lucky there isnt another option out there

  • TL13

    For those who have opened the game and can’t return it, there is an option. However, much like Madden 13, it’s kind of a PITA. I spoke with EA over the phone, and they said you can send the game directly to EA Sports, with a copy of the receipt (don’t send the actual receipt), and they will send you back a sealed game that you can return. Here is the website the representative sent me too:


    Myself, I am desperately hoping EA issues an update for the game that resolves some of these issues. You can’t even play multiplayer offline franchise mode! Come on EA! If enough people speak up, they will listen…maybe.

  • FunnyGuy

    How about the fact that the fact that the rosters are allllll wrong!! No trades or anything are correct in games!!

  • Wtf

    Bought madden for the fantasy draft. Didn’t know they would take out the only thing that worked in the game. Don’t expect a purchase of madden14 from me.

  • Wtf

    Oh yea I posted the last comment but I forgot to say connect careers sucks a$$.

  • hatemadden

    this game is horrible without fantasy draft this game is nothing

  • RobinKingsville

    thanks soooo much everyone for notifying me of no fantasy draft or editing players. I won’t be buying this garbage. Very sneaky on EA’s part. What good does it do to take out fantasy draft. Who does that make happy. They should charge half price for producing half a game. Major BS!

  • bzam

    i definitely wouldnt have bought this crap if i knew they wouldnt have fantasy drafts. I could care less how the career mode is just include the fantasy draft. BS EA, complete BS.!

  • Alfred Moscatello

    Hands down the Worst MADDEN i have ever played, only thing i can do with my friends is practice or play stupid Play Now Games, No two player franchise offline is BS, no season mode, no player editing, no pre game trading, nothing, EA sports made madden a nightmare,idc about online at all, most people have bad Internet connections and cant get through one game and they want me to play a 30 year franchise.with people..Worst Move ever, BRING BACK FRANCHISE MODE!!!!


    http://www.easports.com/gamechangers/ideas?x=503e74843947e VOTE HERE TO ADD FANTASY DRAFT BACK INTO MADDEN 13

  • Pissed Off and Over it

    I bought ’09 with the idea that it was in 1080p for PS3; it wasn’t. I played 4 games and quit. I bought this and now no fantasy draft. It’ll likely be put up on the shelf in about a month tops. I tried giving you guys another chance and you failed miserably again. Next Madden game I will buy will likely be 10 years from now since I took a 4-year break from Madden because you all want to be lazy.

    • IHaveAn0pinion

      If you left because of resolution issues, then you’re an idiot. Stay away.

  • Guest

    Uhh.. here’s the reason it was left out.
    “With Connected Careers, we created a fully-connected career experience from the ground up that features deep gameplay progression, dynamic storylines and social integration. We wanted to ensure that every aspect of this new universe delivers an unprecedented career experience for our fans. Unfortunately, in this first year, we could not include Fantasy Draft and maintain the high level of quality that we demand for this feature.”
    So the twitter garbage trumps offline fantasy draft? EA dropped the ball. I no longer buy games opening day (PS3 Skyrim taught me that). I feel bad for the peeps who bought this not knowing. I will not buy Madden unless this is brought back. FYI I have bought Madden every year since 05 : (

  • MAddenBLowsNOW

    Fantasy draft was the best part of madden…. i knew this madden was over hyped

  • angry franchiser

    no franchise mode wat were they thinking!! isnt that why we play this game to make our dreams a reality and now im stuck with ryan grant as my rb F@$ THAT

  • Pissed

    Game play great would be A+ never cared about player edit but people love customizing things not are fault they should of had game physics long time ago, that why they hated on 2k football in some ways, but me and my brother loved an took pride n fantasy ,and what heck happen to def assignments, so to me game is B- who cares about connected careers being all one???Only thing about last year was seemed no significance n winning super.

  • Pissed

    Bowl they need showcase house like 2k, at least , at least CPU makes trades now which should of been on 12,it’s like they mess thing up on purpose so we can hope next year, we need a early 14 release meow keep physics make custozing important for 14 , if Ea needs help tell them Hmu take pride n fball , I think blocker actually try to block now

  • Smdh

    Shid sucks!!! Want my old 2012 back !!!!! Smdh need fantasy, forget all that big geeking extra stuff, I wanted the weekly report show back again with the white lady and black guy back forget reading fake tweets :(

  • Smdh

    Shid sucks!!! Want my old 2012 back !!!!! Smdh need fantasy, forget all that big geeking extra stuff, I wanted the weekly report show back again with the white lady and black guy back forget reading fake tweets :(

  • Smdh

    So pissed 3rd comment , feel like frisby n the game down the sewer wtf, they get payed all that money to f it up ????

  • champ

    I had a group of friends that would come over every friday hang out and play some madden franchise games, that option is now gone on a single console and franchise options ripped out some of the guys dont have consoles and do you think the others want to bring theirs and a tv every week to play a online franchise ….. nope just lost a group of madden fans and i can say first time in 10+ years i returned my madden and my freinds will also.

  • Ross Macaluso

    This is unbelievable that there is no fantasy draft it is one of the only reasons i buy the game just lost a lot of buyers BS

  • HY


  • Deano42

    This Madden Franchise has taken a huge step backward the last two years. This one being an even bigger disappointment than I thought possible.

    Why allow the user to create a player, with a game face and all of that jazz and not allow them to be used in franchise mode? How can you not allow edited rosters in franchise mode? Totally sucks, I am honestly considering returning the game and just using the madden 12 version until next year.

    Madden 12 was bad with all the unneeded product placement, like that stupid swagger rating for old spice and all the doritos and gatorade crap. Like I want to watch commercials whilst playing a video game. But this year’s version takes that cake.

    If you didn’t have time to include roster editing in the game, then push back the release date you money grubbing morons.

  • EA screwed the pooch

    EA you f*cked up. There is also no more defensive assignments. I’m a programmer and as far as taking more time if you already have the code from last year it shouldn’t take more than a week do update this for the new game. So, my question is what did you do with the other 51 weeks? Have a f*cking circle jerk?

  • SO ANGRY!!

    Ahhh no editing players!!?? You would think they would at least get Calvin Johnsons name correct this year being that he’s the cover star. But nope,another year of throwing the ball to “Johnson Jr”. And offline CC mode is god awful. It takes about 45 mins to get through a week. With the terrible “practice mode”. You have to be a damn rocket scientist to navigate through CC mode.

    • IHaveAn0pinion

      No, you just have to be competent.

      • pardon me for the ignorance

        Thanks for the needless trolling chief. How dare I not be a Master of a mode that’s been in existence for a week.

  • FantasyDraft!!

    this is soo rediculous…. if u didnt hav time to perfect it then take out somthing like ultimate team not fantasy draft and ncaa class imports…. dont get me wrong the gameplay is amazing but dont take out the best things in madden!?!?!

  • irritated

    every me and my three oldest sons sit down and go through a fantasy draft and go on to play through the franchise mode. very disappointed in EA for leaving this out. not everyone likes playing online.

  • LongLiveVideojuegas

    I guess “nothing good lasts forever”, because Madden 13 is a bust, playing online is fun but after a while that gets boring. offline franchise mode used to be favorite especially with a fantasy draft and player editing. Not nessecarily player ratings but changing numbers and positions I.E. Shawn Merriman to Deffensive end making him a beast. I have been a madden player for years but i dont see myself staying interested in 13 for very long, and more than likeleyn ill return it (good thing i kept the reciept) lol. Overall i give it a C+, either way im dissapointed and am just looking forward to NBA 2k13 and blk ops 2.

  • brett12
  • josh

    this madden is the worst ever!!!!!! u cant do $hit on it and no fantasy draft? damn i am pist

  • josh

    i say they should be correcting the game as we speak and recall this one and make a better one now and swap ppl out wit this crap game with a way better improved game. and as for not gettin madden 14 i will cuz they wont want these complaints ahain i can promise u that

  • Dick

    Thank the lord I rented it! It sucks!!! No draft?!! Fuck off ea

  • http://www.facebook.com/kirby.reich Kirby Reich

    This is a joke. Fantasy draft has been a staple feature for years, and is the best part of the previous games. I really wish I had realized I should check to see if such a staple feature was still part of the game and saved my $60. The worst part is EA clearly doesn’t care. EA still has a monopoly on NFL games so there is no other option to go to. And even shadier is now I can’t get my money back now because the game is opened.

  • Blah

    I don’t care about editing ratings…but positions, numbers and accessories? COME ON MAN. I’ll be playing Madden 12 until this is fixed and NOT ordering Madden 14 if it’s not brought back. Franchise Mode >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TEBOW>>>>>>Connected Careers.

  • Smitz

    Has i know Madden 13 would not have the fantasy draft option i would have never bought it… So mad at Madden creators for taking out my favorite feature

  • hope?

    Is there any REAL hope that they can/will patch any of these features in? (Specifically player editing in CCM)

  • fadfas

    Had i known the fantasy draft option was left out i wouldnt have wasted 60 bucks.. Havent played the game since the day i bought it. EA owes me a refund.

  • pissed

    damn thats messed up , i wouldnt have bought it if i knew this

  • Dutch Rudder?

    with no fantasy draft and not being able to edit players i def sold my madden and do not regret it one bit they totally fucked up this madden and i will never play another one. Just lucky i got my money back when i sold it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=588350402 Jonathon Wallace

    The game has had franchise mode since 1993. Why would they mess with something that had been so successful for so many decades? The only reason I buy the game is to play franchise mode. I don’t want to play on the internet against some people I’ve never met. They’ve killed a great game as far as I’m concerned. I won’t be playing Madden 13, not for one minute. I stupidly bought it, and it won’t get used. Not once. I’ll burn it before I play it. I won’t buy another version of the game either. They killed the game.

  • MaddenSuckAFatOne

    SHits horrible.

  • MaddenSuckAFatOne

    Shit’s horrible

  • Madden fan since 02

    Bring back Drafting in offline franchise mode. One of my favorite things to do in the off season was to take me favorite team and do a complete draft. It mixed things up (brady on the Cards, A.P. on clev.). I will def. rent the next one. If its not on there ill wait til it’s cheap.

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