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Published on June 8th, 2012 | by Shopmaster


Madden NFL 13 Team Ratings

Usually right around this time when all the new features are being discussed and videos from E3 start rolling out, the eagerness to know the team ratings arises.  This year on the E3 floor EA SPORTS hid their team ratings by putting ?? up.  This didn’t deter the guys over at Operation Sports from finding the team ratings and uploading an image of it.

Please note that these ratings are subject to change and probably will before release.

I have compiled the list here from best team to worst:

1.  Green Bay Packers – 86

2.  New England Patriots – 86

3.  Pittsburgh Steelers – 85

4.  New York Giants – 84

5.  Philadelphia Eagles – 84

6.  Chicago Bears – 81

7.  San Fransisco 49ers – 81

8.  Atlanta Falcons – 81

9.  Baltimore Ravens – 80

10. Dallas Cowboys – 79

11. New York Jets – 79

12. Washington Redskins – 78

13. New Orleans Saints – 78

14. Houston Texans – 78

15. San Diego Chargers – 78

16.  Detroit Lions – 77

17.  Carolina Panthers – 76

18. Denver Broncos – 76

19.  Kansas City Chiefs – 76

20. Arizona Cardinals – 75

21. Cincinnati Bengals – 74

22. Buffalo Bills – 74

23. Seattle Seahawks – 73

24. Tennessee Titans – 72

25. St. Louis Rams – 71

26. Minnesota Vikings – 71

27. Jacksonville Jaguars – 70

28. Oakland Raiders – 70

29. Tampa Bay Bucs – 69

30. Miami Dolphins – 68

31. Cleveland Browns – 67

32. Indianapolis Colts – 66

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About the Author

Shopmaster is a die-hard hardcore Madden Player. He also serves an EA SPORTS Game Changer that provides the community with help and information regarding Madden.

  • Deandrew46

    The teams that didn’t make the playoffs should have the lower ratings..sorry. if they played poorly on the field, why reward them with good ratings??

    • Shopmaster

      Not true though.  Players leave, get traded, and new rookies have to be factored into the equation.

  • zac

    how are the falcons, a team that got hammered 1st round of the playoffs and people getting older such as gonzalez, 3 points higher than the saints when they were a play of the nfc championship game? i dont see how the saints are worse than the falcons…

    • Clifton-Wisepegasus

      so Zac…you are ignoring these moves?
      Lost FA:
      WR Robert Meachem — San Diego Chargers
      OG Carl Nicks — Tampa Bucs
      CB Tracy Porter — Denver Broncos
      LB Jo-Lonn Dunbar — St. Louis Rams
      CB L. Torrence — Washington Redskins
      DT Shaun Rogers — New York Giants

      3. Player Suspended
      LB Jonathan Vilma for 2012 season
      DE Will Smith, suspended for first four regular-season games.
      Coach Sean Peyton Suspended for the Season

      • chris

        okay smart guy

        lb chris chamberlin
        lb curtis lofton
        lb david hawthorn
        g benny grubs
        dl broderick bunkley

        dl akeim hicks
        wr nick toon
        ss corey white

        u dont kno what the hell ur talking about

        • F**K CHRIS

          Falcons got Asante Samuel he is better then any of those players on your list. F)))K U

          • SAINTS SUCK


  • ovfd55

    Bengals being a 74 throws me off they are a young team that made the playoffs and lost no one of note(madden players might say Rivers but he wasn’t Great) and they add Ben Jarvis green Ellis and a couple steals in draft

  • nader

    i think that these ratings are fake come on the ravens went to the afc champ and there a 80 ????????? bears and eagles go lower lions go up and some teams should be at least 90 and up

    • Chris

      Idk bout 90s yet but maybe 89s specially ravens! And im not even a fan! And they have to be…redskins 78 because of rg3? Nope!

  • Allen Heath

    SO all the moves the 49ers made dont count i guess????

  • Teddy MonteVerde

    You mother f’ers watch. Bills are not 74. Just watch.

    • John

      Yeah! They’re much lower than that.

  • Teddy MonteVerde

    Also seriously these are terrible ratings. Not just cuz I think the Bills are too low, these are just bad in general.

    • Shopmaster

      Please remember that these are not the final ratings. I think people are reading these things as if they are finals. There have been multiple trades, releases, and pickups since then so I expect this to change a lot. We’ll see.

  • Richard

    lol this is bullsh*t
    The Bears, Chargers, Jets and especially THE REDSKINS ahead of my Lions, who made the playoffs last year. 10-6 and the Lions are in the middle of the pack in the NFL? What have the Redskins added besides an UNPROVEN ROOKIE that make them better than last year’s 6-10 record. Well, pierre garcon coming from the Colts i guess but he is nothing without P. Manning. Giants (terrible run game and D) are the NFL’s 4th best team tied with the EAGLES. The Texans have the same rating as the redskins?!?! smh EA. These ratings are F**KING TERRIBLE.

    • Shopmaster

      These are not the actual ratings, I’m pretty sure they will be different than these when it’s final.

  • Aaron Sydor

    The Jets???!!! R U Serious! they blow, week 1 the BILLS will set them straight #BillsMafia

  • Aaron Sydor

    79 Jets rating will be swapped with the BILLS 74 after we smoke them!! #BillsMafia #Madden13

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