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Published on August 31st, 2011 | by phillyron


Surprise Onside Kick

There are three phases of football, Offense, Defense and Special Teams. While everyone is looking for the nest best defensive play or explosive offensive play many are overlooking the importance of special teams. As you get older in Madden you need to focus more on the true aspects of football to still compete with the younger generation.

The stealth aspect of the surprise onside kick is a perfect tool for us to use in order to keep any of our opponents guessing. Don’t get to eager to use this though. Any onside kick is a high risk high reward play and if not recovered will give your opponent great field position.



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About the Author

  • Dave

    Could you give some commentary on the PS3 controls? I found this in the manual and it has worked pretty well online when I did it but I think you are speaking about a different button combo and it would be cool to get that in PS3 speak.

    • http://mymaddenpad.com/members/shopmaster/ Shopmaster

      It’s X to start the meter, X at the top, and then Square the third time to do a surprise onside kick.

      • willie mcfly22

        its actually circle on third button…X to start, X to stop, CIRCLE to suprise onside

  • PhillyRon

    I apologize for that. I’ll give the PS3 some love

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