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Published on August 30th, 2011 | by phillyron


4-3 Under – Cover 1 Press

Early on in every Maddden season fans around the world spend countless hours in practice mode trying to find a solid offense and defense. In this MyMaddenPad tip we take a look at a solid one adjustment defense that will bring great “B” gap pressure against opposing offenses.

Video Breakdown

[youtube width=”624″ height=”352″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lffp_YTCcoo[/youtube]


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About the Author

  • The Real Ma$$ive

    Sure is a lot of video breakdowns… Bringing men down to the line of scrimmage? Man, I miss the days where people got better on their on terms, instead of jotting down 6-10 plays some man online helped them out with… Just my opinion though…

    I feel like the game already has many holes in it, and all these other things that people may not be aware of lead to even more holes being figured out…

    But, like I said, just an opinion…

  • phillyron

    Be careful when facing a player that sends a back out to the blitz side. Our deep safety that we are in control of is responsible for protection so don’t bring the safety down when they motion the back out

  • The Real Ma$$ive

    Just to say, I do respect the time you’re giving to do this because you are talking good football, and are giving great knowledge of the game.

  • unknown

    showing cheese nanos, when your maddenwars is suppose to be a sim league. get your shit str8. smh

  • Don

    Nice breakdown, it was simple and straight to the point. I will be adding it to my plays thanks.

  • bigface

    Great breakdown Ron, followed y’all boyz over from maddenguides. I was a bit heated that no more guides were coming out, but I appreciate the work y’all put in for the dads and family men that don’t have time to be in the lab for 5 hours straight anymore. Keep up the good work.

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