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Free Madden Tips – Running 101

Here is another free tip from Madden Guides:

The running game is the framework for moving the ball. Consider this, last year (2010-11) in the NFL, 17 running backs ran for at least 1,000 yards. How does this apply in Madden? Well, for starters running the ball is easier than every do to the improve play of the offensive line. Also throw the in fact broken tackles are more frequent than ever, stopping the run on at times can be downright frustrating for your opponent on the defensive side of the ball. In this Free Madden Tips breakdown, we are going to list some of the more basic Madden Rushing Tips, plus take a look at one running play we like to run in this years game.

Basic Madden Rushing Tips

Here is a list of some basic Madden Running Tips that you apply in Madden to help improve your run game.

  • By pounding the rock, it allows the offense to control the clock and wears down the opposition’s defense.
  • Lay off the speed burst button( if you have it set to off) until you get near the line of scrimmage. Too often players immediately want pound down on the speed burst button as the soon as the QB hands off to the running back. This limits the control of the running back and makes it hard to move while looking for holes to open up.
  • Against a high-octane offense, controlling the clock is the best defense.
  • Find an open hole, then explode through it. Often players will try to be Barry Sanders looking for other holes to open up, when they really should have hit the first that opened up.
  • Cover the football when going through the line; you will be surprised at how many would-be tacklers you run over.
  • Keep your blockers in front of you and be patient while they set up blocks for you. If you run past them, you have just wasted your escorts to the first down marker.
  • If needing to pick up an extra yard for a first down or get into the end zone, do not forget to use the dive button. We know this sounds simple, but just diving can be the difference between punting or picking up a first down.
  • For short yardage situations that require blasts through the middle of the line, it is better to keep things straightforward. Simple plays such as Dive and Iso plays are perfect one yard or less situations.
  • Use the stiff arm, speed burst, or cover the football when it about to be tackled.
  • Scouting your team’s offensive line and your opponents front seven can be fruitful in moving the chains. Knowing who paves the way really makes a difference between a successful ground game and a meager one.
  • Probably the most import Madden Running Tip is practice. Learn how offensive line blocks based on where defenders line up. Either by them being shifted or manually move. Leave nothing untested when learning how offensive line blocks. Use instant replay just a head coach does when looking lover game field. Once you master how the offensive line blocks, you will be well on your way of mastering the running game.

I-Form Normal – Lead Draw

We know that running the rock is important in Madden NFL 11, so we want to make sure we cover him them in the X’s and O’s Filmroom. Granted you can’t do as much with run plays as you can with the pass plays in terms of making adjustments, so some of these write ups might seem very general. Nevertheless, we still want show run plays in the X’s and O’s Filmroom. A run play that we liked since we first started playing Madden NFL 11 is the I-Form Normal Lead Draw.

clip image001 thumb Free Madden Tips   Running 101

Playbooks Found In:

  • Bears
  • Bengals
  • Cardinals
  • Cowboys
  • Dolphins
  • Giants
  • Vikings

clip image002 thumb Free Madden Tips   Running 101

There is not a lot to this play as far doing any type of pre-snap adjustments. The FL, TE, and SE all act like they’re running pass routes, while the FB lead blocks for the HB as he comes through the hole between the C and RG.

clip image003 thumb Free Madden Tips   Running 101

The one thing we can tell you about draws in general is that you will have plenty of time to look for the open holes while the QB drops back as if to pass the ball. The left and right tackle set up as if they are going to pass block. Notice in the screen shot the linebackers drop back in zone coverage. In our opinion draw plays tend to work better against zone coverage vs man coverage. The reason we say this is that the linebackers tend drop back, rather than go forwards towards the ball carrier.

clip image004 thumb Free Madden Tips   Running 101

The FB locates the MLB and looks to block him. As long the FB makes this block, we should have enough running room.

clip image005 thumb Free Madden Tips   Running 101

In the screen shot, the FB is about to make a key block on the MLB.

clip image006 thumb Free Madden Tips   Running 101

This allows us to spring in third level of defense and pick up positive yardage.

Key Points

This is one of our favorite draw plays in the game because it often yields positive yardage. Make sure you watch for open holes before the halfback ever gets the ball. This is the  biggest of advantage of running this play since you will have a few seconds to see where the open running lanes are.

Madden X’s and O’s Filmroom

This run play was taking from the X’s and O’s Filmroom.  For more info on what other write ups can be found in the X’s and O’s Filmroom, click here

Source: Free Madden Tips – Running 101

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